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Christmas | December 2011

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Shine the light on you


This is a time of year whenmost religions and traditions have celebrations that include light – holiday lights, candles, color, oil lamps, stars and the promise of more sun and longer days.


So at this time when we have so many celebrations of light, I am issuing you an invitation:Shine the light on you.


So many of us stand in relentless self-judgment. We are not thin enough, smart enough, rich enough. Our jobs are not good enough. We are not good enough parents or siblings or sons or daughters or friends. We are not worthy. We receive the message again and again: Be or live or act a certain way – or fail.


I know this because I have lived it.


But in 2011 I have said my final goodbyes to the unrealistic and demanding expectations I bring to myself and my life. I am giving them the old heave-ho. And my Christmas wish is for you to do the same. You are worthy; you are deserving. You are rich enough, cute enough, thin enough. You are enough!


This is the revelation that shining the light on yourself will expose.


Look at the lights in the photo above. They are brilliant and full of color. This is a photo of you. It is who you are. It is time to claim the goodness in life, the gifts of life, and to give up on limitations, expectations, and demands from ourselves and others that we have to be perfect in order to take up space on this planet.


So this winter holiday season, I invite you to shine the light on you and see how you sparkle. See your colors. See your brilliance and goodness and gifts. And rejoice in being you.


You are a miracle. I see you.


Sparkle. Shine. Let the light illuminate you fully! 




A Christmas Gift from Me to You

This month I will be airing a meditation on my online radio show, Life Potentials. The link will be sent at a later date but the meditation will air Thursday, Dec. 22, at 8pm Eastern. You can listen live or download later. I hope you will enjoy my gift to you. 

Merry Christmas!  




Diantha S. Harris
Diantha Harris, ASID, FSII, MPIWOC
Pyramid Feng Shui Practitioner
Color Consultant

Books: Simply Color, Sad Sandwiches
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