Healing Our Wounds: How to Work with Recurring Challenges


Have you ever heard the old adage “when the student is ready, the master appears?” Well, its true. Two days ago I had an experience where one of my challenges was called out by another person. She phoned me about something that I did that she misinterpreted but that I had presented in a way that was not in integrity with my core. I realized that this is a part of me that is old, old, old and needs to be dispensed with in its entirety.

At first I felt shocked, then sad, then embarrassed, then angry at myself for allowing that old part of me to have taken the lead when I wasn’t paying attention. All it was, was a way of expressing myself that made what I said sound critical when that was not my intention whatsoever. But when I am in panic mode: overly busy, having too much to do in the time I have left, focusing intently on what is in front of my face….I can come across as a “rhymes with itch”.  Indeed I was short, curt, maybe even rude, but it was so far from my intention that when she called me on it, I was somewhat taken aback.

I looked the email over and could see how she might have misinterpreted my note when all I wanted to do was communicate instructions on what needed to be done to fix the problem I was having.

The problem with emails are many as we know and one of the big things is you never really know the spirit in which the email was sent. I’ve gotten into big trouble over emails over the years and try hard to be clear, kind, and respectful. Apparently, I failed in this one!

So those are the details, but the overarching theme here is that I have had challenges in the past around coming off as bossy or know it all. I don’t FEEL that way, I don’t INTEND it that way. But I have challenges in my root chakra which cause my communications to become twisted at times when I am under a lot of pressure.

I am so excited because here is another opportunity to heal this issue and it is a big one for me as it runs in my family and I know that if I work on this, and heal it for myself, it will have a beneficial outcome for those around me, past/present/future.

So today, when I did an Akashic Record Reading for a client, she also had something come up for her that is embedded into her DNA, like my issue is. The beings of light came in to work with her and created a beautiful healing ceremony with instructions of how to let go of her challenge. It so inspired me that I have gone back into my own records to work on this issue for myself, and I am thrilled at the prospect of letting this one go as well.

We all have our challenges. We each have a weakness that gets the better of us when we are down, overly tired, under pressure, or sick. The beauty of it all is that when our challenge comes face to face with us, we can look it in the eye, work with it, deal with it, and bring healing to it.

I love how these challenges all unfold for us, coming up to be dealt with when the time is ripe for healing. When this happens for you, welcome it, allow it to unfold, work with it using your intuition and your guides, then bring in some purple to assist with the healing process. A bit of orange might be appropriate as well to help release the cords or attachments you might be carrying.

Bit by bit, as we heal, we help others as well and as they heal, they help us. Such is the grace and blessing of the Divine in our lives.

Happy healing to you. Namaste.