Does this look familiar?  This is a photo of all the pundits on TV, radio, print media of all kinds having a feeding frenzy at the expense of anyone who makes a mistake.  Anyone who has a brain freeze, anyone who has allegations made about them (however true or false), anyone who makes a mis-step, anyone who mis-speaks, etc.  Frankly, we are living in a world where you have to perfect to be in the public eye and survive unscathed.  And who stipulates what perfection is?  “They” do.  Whoever has the most power, whoever is “in charge”.

I, for one, am sick of living in this world of dog eat dog.  What has happened to any sense of civility or patience or understanding or compassion for other people?  Especially those who don’t agree with “the they” in this article.  Katy bar the doors if you are a liberal in the mouths of conservative piranhas or a conservative in the jaws of the liberal piranhas.  There is no quarter given.

I would so like to see a time in my life when you don’t have to be perfect in order to survive public scrutiny.  Yes, one should be moral and have standards and be a “good person” but perfection is something none of us in human form have achieved so how can we hold our public figures to this false sense of what is right, good or accepted?  Do you think Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammed, Abraham Lincoln, JFK, Martin Luther King and others we have held in high public regard would survive the current climate of “destroy and discredit them first, then find out the truth”?  Our current system rewards the slick, studied, rehearsed people but not the ones who are real and true.  Because they can’t survive.  We are a society that is moving towards rewarding the plasticity of the Barbie and Kens, while overlooking the truly human among us.

I don’t know.  Maybe it’s just been too much politicking so soon before the next big election, or maybe the entertainment world is too much with us, but I wish we could be kinder to others, more forgiving, more accepting of non-perfection.  It starts with me so I make a commitment to not gossip, to have compassion and understanding for others, and to hold people to a moral standard but not the one of perfection in all things.

We all make mistakes.  We all falter from time to time.  We all have bad days, bad moments, brain freezes, missteps.  Won’t you join me in helping to create a less hazardous more loving environment for us all to live in by enlarging your heart and becoming more accepting of the human qualities we each carry?