The season of Spring begins the time of year when we celebrate renewal and rebirth through many traditions from religious ones to cultural ones.  Whatever way you celebrate the return of the sun, the return of the growing season, the return of color and light into your life, you are no doubt aware that colors change with the advent of each season.

Typically Spring is seen as a pastel colored one going along with the colors of Easter Eggs, both dyed and wrapped chocolate ones!  The colors are generally green, pink, purple, blue, and yellow.  What do the colors represent as seen through the lens of color psychology?

Green represents growth and new beginnings.  Where I live, it is the first color to return to us as the grass begins to grow again and it turns from brown to green, bringing hope to all!

Pink represent unconditional love and a sweetness that returns to life after months of cold and darkness.

Purple represents the color of renewal, rebirth, resurrection, all of which belong to the season of Spring!

Blue is the color of heaven, and as such is the color of peace and harmony.  It is also the color associated with the Mother Mary, mother of Christ.  It is the color of hope and trust and faith as well.

Yellow is the color we most associate with light and the sun.  Spring is when the day and night are equal in length as we move towards the summer solstice when light is at its highest frequency in the northern hemisphere.  It is also the color of happiness, joy and clarity as we again focus our energies on the out of doors, gardening and the rebirth of life in our gardens.

There are others I have not mentioned but those listed above are the main ones we associate with Spring.  May you have a wonderful Spring season!  What is your favorite spring color and why?