Announcing: Simply Color for Everyday Living

Color: your ally and support.
Color: the gift of transformation and change.
Color: a tool for healing and moving forward.

You now have a readily available companion that will help you expand your understanding of color and give you new ways of using it:

Simply Color for Everyday Living

This sequel to Simply Color is a lovely book that shares how professionals from many walks of life use color in their everyday lives – and will help you come up with ways to use color in your life as you do the things you love to do.

The Challenge: Resistance Meets Trust

This book began about four years ago. I wanted to update the second edition of my first book, Simply Color, and attempted to do so several times, but it just wasn’t flowing. One block after another appeared, so I would put the idea aside, try again later, find the same blocks appearing and put it aside again.

I’ve found that with the creative process there is an inner timing for each project. If it is not ready to be birthed, it will be stubborn and remain stuck. So it was in this case. I trust this process even though it can be terribly frustrating and try my patience. But I do know that these things have their own life energy and trying to force them into existence before their time will not work well.

The Turning Point: Acceptance Births a New Vision

Then came time for the book to begin its creative journey. One night out of the blue I had an epiphany. I thought, Why not invite professionals I know or know of to contribute an article to the book and show people how many ways they can use color in their everyday lives? This, I thought, would inspire people to use their own imaginations and spur them on to their own creative use of color. A win-win-win solution!

Next came the process of invitation. The response was overwhelming. Some took it, some did not, some could not. All who participated loved the idea and sent me their pieces with joy and anticipation. All believed in the vision.

The Process: Discomfort Expands Resilience

This book took a lot longer to produce than I ever anticipated. Again, each creative piece has its own timing. I was four months behind my own schedule in getting the pieces collected, two months behind in the editing process, as well as the collecting of and correct placement of each of the over 100 images, which took months.

The Outcome: Collaboration Kindles Creativity

All the delays and waiting are so worth the end product. To our knowledge, there is no other book on color like it.

Twenty-five amazing professionals (plus myself) contributed to the theme of how to use color in creative and fun ways in our everyday lives.

And there’s already a spin-off from a piece written for Simply Color for Everyday Living. Author Susan Tillett used her piece, expanded upon it and published her book, What’s to Wear, Beatrice Bird, a delightful peek at the adventure of Beatrice Bird. Susan has envisioned a series of Beatrice books – delightful!

Join the Experience When You Read the Book

Created with love, presented with love, Simply Color for Everyday Living is the manifestation of the intention that in it you find support your for heart and healing and an adventure that creates joy.

From our hearts to yours.

Get your book today. 

The book is available exclusively through me or the contributors.



Good Hearts & Good Word

A huge thank you to the contributors, image providers, and graphics geniuses. Your wisdom, talent and beauty shine.

Alijandra, Carolynn Anctil, Luann Cibik, Donna Cognac, Deborah Craydon, Eleyne-Mari, Ellen Epstein, Dr. Renee Garrick, Clarissa Harison, Andy Harris, Molly Boeder Harris, Ellen Kennon, Linda Wiggin Kraft, Meadow Linn, Carol Lorraine, Jill Mattson, Julia McLemore, Anne Patterson, Susan Parker, Kay Russell, Monica Schwartz, Susan Tillett, Sara Turner, Sharon Vogt, Sherry Burton Ways, Dan Wittenkeller, Fiestaban Photography, Kim Indresano, Ken Klancnik, Petr Kratochvil, Robert Santacroce, Victoria Silks, Tom Vranich, Babs Young, Ginny Piech Street, Jim Witte, Munro Language Embassy, Bookability of Michigan, Thomson-Shore



If you want a simple and effective way to bring color into your life, or if you simply want to learn about colors and what they can do for you, check out the Simply Color spray page on my website. Scrolling over the bottles will help you find the help you are looking for. And you can always order a custom blend made just for your needs.

To ground yourself, use red.
For more peace, blue is the answer.
To address issues in your relationships, try green or orange.
For clearing your space, use green or white and add in the color you wish to have
around you.
To unify group energies or bring in the essence of love, choose pink.
Soften energy and bring in higher frequencies of Divine energy with magenta.

If you have questions about which will best support you, email me at


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