Honoring Milestones

SIMPLY COLOR SPRAYS can be a powerful addition to ceremonies of all kinds. Consider giving them as wedding, new baby, graduation or retirement gifts. Use them during any major transition or milestone.

Here are a few examples:

  • Use RED for ceremonies involving the concepts of courage and sacrifice. For example, joining the military, becoming a spiritual leader, etc.
  • Use ORANGE during times of trauma and swift changes such as divorce, natural disasters, etc.
  • Use YELLOW when a child enters a new grade in school and during the year to augment the assimilation of knowledge or to celebrate any joyous occasion.
  • Use GREEN for changes of any kind such as celebrating a new job, or a new home, or graduations.
  • Use BLUE when speaking or teaching to large groups.
  • Use INDIGO or PURPLE to celebrate and commemorate anything of a spiritual nature such as baptisms, memorials, and religious holidays.
  • Use WHITE for weddings.
  • Use WHITE and PINK to welcome new babies and to acknowledge a girl’s coming of age.
  • Use WHITE and BLUE and PINK to acknowledge a boy’s coming of age.
  • Use RAINBOW to celebrate life and our connection to the Divine essence within us all. A wonderful choice for every occasion and for those times when you are unsure which spray would be best. Great for bringing harmony, joy, peace, love, and grace into any ceremony or transition.