Color Sprays

Simply Color Sprays (essential-oil based)

Simply Color Sprays & Free Video Presentation
Fuel your body and your environment with the vibrational energy of color! Deliberately and lovingly crafted, these room sprays capture the essence of each color, making it easy for you to add the color you need, no matter where you are.

Created in concert with Scents and Nonsense, Simply Color sprays combine the energy of color with high-quality essential oils, specifically selected for their resonance with the particular color. Wonderfully fragrant!

If you need energy, clarity, support in your love life, career or creativity, the two-part video below is for you! Diantha offered this free presentation at the International ColorAlchemy Web Conference with event organizer Jami Lin. You’ll see how essential oils relate to color, learn how to use the Simply Color sprays, how essential oils were evaluated for the formulas and how the power of plants, flowers and colors have been combined to offer support to each one of us.

Also, listen to this radio interview Diantha did with Carol Lorraine.

The Simply Color Collection…Save $20 when you buy all 13!
A collection of all thirteen colors you can use for daily support.



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