Imagine creating a life that is:

  • fulfilling
  • joyous
  • peaceful
  • hopeful
  • in alignment with your soul

Together we can:

  • create a path for you to follow to achieve your dreams
  • discover anything that is blocking your progress
  • uncover hidden self-limiting habits and patterns
  • focus on what you desire to achieve

Coaching can assist you to:

  • heal past wounds
  • create a vision and path for your future
  • define and release blockages
  • create a life that aligns with your soul’s mission
  • make a life that is joyous, fulfilling and peaceful

This may take a few sessions as your soul releases information bit by bit helping you receive this information with an open mind. Your soul will never release information until it is ready to receive.

Each of us has the answers deep inside of us. My job is to help you uncover the answers that are hidden and blocking your progress. Meanwhile, progress is limited by your past woundings keeping you trapped in a present that is not serving you. You deserve to live a full and joyous life. I am here to help you achieve that.

How I Work

I use a unique array of tools to work with you as a coach. We will do readings ((link to readings page))(your choice: Akashic, Sea Shell, intuitive) as we determine together your choices and possibilities on your healing journey. We might employ some feng shui, space clearing, or energetic changes to your space to create support in your environment. We might use color to energize a space with the proper vibration where you can be nourished and supported as you move through needed changes.

Tools I Use

Readings: I love these as they are able to uncover subconscious blockages, patterns and things that could be keeping you from living the life you desire. Readings include The Akashic Records, Ocean Oracle (sea shell readings), and channeled messages.

Color: Color is an extremely powerful yet gentle way to get assistance and support. Each color has its own power and by discovering where your blockages lie, we can determine which color or colors you can use to overcome challenges.

Feng Shui: I can work long distance with you on this through your floor plan and photos that you provide

Guided Meditations: Spirit will speak to you through these gentle and loving meditations, bringing you peace, healing, guidance, wellbeing and hope. Each meditation is different and will come through just for you.

There are other tools as well but these are the main ones I use with clients:

  • Support and follow up
  • Aromatherapy Sprays or flower essence remedies I make just for you
  • Links to articles and other things that I have found that may be of value and assistance
    to you.
  • The ability to have follow up phone or Skype calls at a rate of only $60/hour as a follow up to your session. For quick calls there will be no charge (5 minutes or less).

We might alo use the power of the spoken word in a spiritual sense to charge or detoxify your situation. We might use energetic processes, visualizations, affirmations, meditations…..the list is endless.

I get my guidance from Spirit/God/The Great I AM or whatever you want to call the Oneness of the Universe. This guidance is just for you, with your highest good in mind. You retain the right to take the guidance and change your life, or ignore it and stay put. You always will have free will. Always. I am merely the interpreter between you and God. You will always be in charge of your own destiny. Whatever I suggest is just that: a suggestion. I will always ask you if what is presented feels right to you and if it doesn’t, we won’t do it. If it does, we will proceed. My process is loving, non-threatening, and always for your highest good.

Again, YOU will always be in charge. We will not do anything that feels too much, or too strong for where you are at any moment in time.

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. ~ Carol Burnett