Beach Books

One of the things I used to love as a young adult was spending as much time as possible on vacation reading “beach books”.  For those of you who are erudite and spend your time with worthwhile reading, Beach Books are that genre that are there purely to entertain.  Some are better than others, some are downright trashy, but all are written not with the desire to become a classic but to entertain!


We are generally so busy now in the summer having company that beach books have gone the way of my young slim body.  These days I rarely have time to read much of anything other than non-fiction so reading a great or even an entertaining novel is a wonderful treat!


We are enjoying a brief hiatus between houseguests so over the weekend I chose to read a beach book and do nothing else!  The book was total fluff, just what I needed, but interesting enough to capture my attention and make for a very quick but entertaining read.  Just what I needed!


The interesting part is that it gave 3 girlfriends in their early 40’s a chance to go back in time and make different choices about their life path, all the while remembering everything so that their new decisions would be wiser!  It was very neat and tidy, not at all like life really is, but the idea was interesting and one I am sure we have all thought of at one time or another.


Similar to my Sliding Doors post, this gives one food for thought on what if I had made a different choice of:  a job, a life partner, a place to live…..etc. etc. etc.  That got me to thinking that if I had not chosen to accept my husband’s proposal of marriage I would not have a loving marriage, our 3 great sons, nor our fabulous 2 grandsons….and would definitely not be living up here on this amazing lake watching loons and ducks and thinking I am the most fortunate person alive.


Bottom line of it all was that after I did some daydreaming around this concept of rewriting my past, I don’t think there is a thing I would change.  Oh there are things I wish I had done differently for sure, but you know, without those dumb mistakes I’ve made over time, I would not have had the lessons I have had, nor would I have had the opportunity to change my life in ways that I have.


So, I’m glad these three characters got to change their lives as they did, but for me, I am content, and certainly grateful for all that has come my way, both the good and the bad.


Would you change something if you could?