I’m told that Spring is here.  You couldn’t prove it here where I live where there are still remnants of the 10′ high snow pile by the side of our driveway.  What better to do then, than write about Spring and COLOR!

Here are 5 ways to use color to celebrate this movement into spring from winter:

1.  Change the pillow covers on your living room furniture.  If you live in a cool climate as we do, you are probably sick of looking of the same old pillows.  It’s a great way to spruce up your living space and create a new mood without a lot of expenditure.

2.  Put a new table cloth or new placemats on  your dining room table.  By new I don’t mean they have to be brand new but change out whatever has been there all winter for a new look.  I love to mix and match and often use “mismatched” placemats with napkins from another set.  Or I put a table runner down the middle of the table with different accessories or candles.  I rarely buy anything new but this change with the seasons is always fun and again, it give you a whole new look.  Try not to repeat what you did last year just for the challenge of using your creativity.  And if you don’t like it in the end, change to whatever works for you even if it IS last year’s look.  What matters is the idea of play and lightness as you do these steps, bringing in the energy of new along with the energy of creativity.

3.  Change out your dish towels.  I love to collect dish towels both new and used but as I am always in a hurry, I seem to keep using the same 4 or 5.  In the spring, I dig down to the bottom of the drawer, pull up the ones on the bottom and put the well used ones on the bottom.  It gives me joy to use new colors and patterns.  I really don’t have that many, but using a few of the ones that have been unused for a while brings a whole new feeling to doing the dishes in this new season!

4.  Bring out your scarves that say “Spring” and wear them.  I love wearing scarves as an accessory.  They are easy, they create a whole new look and feel to an outfit and they are light and airy as opposed to our winter scarves made from heavier materials.  If you don’t like wearing them, tie one to your purse, or just hang on a door knob or the back of a chair to enjoy the color and patterns of spring scarves.  I have a friend who hung hooks on her wall and displayed her scarves on them.  It is the most glorious wall of color and can be changed with the seasons!

5.  Buy a spring flower and plant it outside.  If you are an apartment dweller, you can often buy a small crocus plant or hyacinth.  Place where you will see it often during the day such as on your kitchen windowsill or your home office desk.  It brings in not only the color of spring but also the scent and the energy of new growth as well.

Spring is such a wonderful season of new beginnings, new growth, and fresh starts.  Using color in these simple ways will help support this welcome change of seasons.  Happy   Spring!

Bleeding Hearts