HIS-story, HER-story and the BACK-story

One thing I love to hear are people’s life stories. I once started a book on women’s stories but it lost its energy due to the overwhelming energies in my own life and never got picked up again. Someone wiser than I and a better writer than I will do it and meanwhile, I continue […]

Person of the Year

  This has been quite a week with the passing of the amazing Nelson Mandela and the proclamation by Time Magazine that Pope Francis is Person of the Year.  One hero and role model has exited while another has stepped on stage. Someone forwarded an article to me from the Denison Forum on Truth and […]

Moving On

Here we are again at the dawn of a New Year.  I see people scurrying around making plans for a party, a celebration, a gathering, or just planning a quiet evening at home.  Whatever you are doing this New Year, take time to release old resentments and old pain.  It is a great time of […]

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