Rainbow to the Rescue

(A guest blog post on ClarityisCrucial.com, home of Vanessa Velez!) In my very varied career from Interior Designer to Color Consultant with side trips into Body Work, Healing Touch, and Feng Shui, I have always stuck with color as the main tool in my toolbox. The colors of the rainbow correspond to those in our […]

Color for Our Time

I’m not sure but I would bet that anyone you ask might believe that the world seems to be upside down, things are not what they seem, and chaotic might be a word they would use to describe the current state of the world. Indeed, these are “interesting times” from the ancient  “Chinese curse” we […]

The Pink and Blue Project

  Ever wonder whether a child’s attraction to pink or blue is a result of marketing or inborn preference?  Well, I found this site that you might enjoy exploring regarding just that subject.  They say that until post WWII pink was a color associated with boys being thought of as a watered down red, the […]

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