HIS-story, HER-story and the BACK-story

One thing I love to hear are people’s life stories. I once started a book on women’s stories but it lost its energy due to the overwhelming energies in my own life and never got picked up again. Someone wiser than I and a better writer than I will do it and meanwhile, I continue […]


  As childhoods go, mine was not outstanding in any way.  Other than that, I’ve always had good angels:  Angels who kept me from doing things I shouldn’t have, and angels who protected me from harm. I had the usual problems and just the right woundings to take me into adulthood to create the challenges […]

Moving On

Here we are again at the dawn of a New Year.  I see people scurrying around making plans for a party, a celebration, a gathering, or just planning a quiet evening at home.  Whatever you are doing this New Year, take time to release old resentments and old pain.  It is a great time of […]

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