What are Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are referred to in all the major Sacred Texts as the Book of Life or the Book of Knowledge. Akasha means ethers in Sanskrit, and refers to a non-physical plane of existence. For Carl Jung, it was called the collective unconscious.

It acts as the central storehouse for the stories of the souls of all of us.
They are the story of your soul from its inception, through the present moment. Although they do not predict the future, they do hold the possibilities for the future. They differ from a psychic reading in that your Records are actually recorded in the Akasha and a Reader is trained to access that fine substance through the vibration of your name and the spoken word in the form of a prayer.

I always refer to the Records or Hall of Records as akin to a big library. Inside the library there are millions of file drawers. One of them is yours and your name is written on it. As the reader, I go into the library, look for your file drawer, and pull it open. Once it is opened, then you ask your questions and I shuffle through the file and find your answers.

And yes, there ARE times when your questions are not answered.

If it is not time for you to know
If it is for your highest good to find the answer yourself, or
If it is not in your highest and best interest to know the answer.

Sometimes the answer will depend on how things will play out, because there is always, always free will involved, your free will and that of others in your life. So often the final outcome will depend on how things evolve. What the Records can do though is give you the highest probable outcome given your current actions and those of others.

A reading can give you any or all of the following:

  • Guidance
  • Forgiveness (of self and others)
  • A higher understanding of current or past events
  • Release
  • A feeling of peace and contentment
  • A letting go of judgement (of self and others)
  • A discovery of your gifts
  • Career path
  • Resolution of relationship issues
  • Understanding of health challenges
  • and many more.
When you are in the Records with a trained reader, your vibration will be raised and unnecessary dross will begin to be released. Over time, as you are in the Records, you will find your life improving along with your mental, emotional and spiritual levels. As such, it can be considered a tool for healing as well as enlightenment on your life’s issues.