Messages from Heaven #4

We have heard many of you asking what will happen when the “shelter in place orders” are rescinded. Dear Ones, expect many changes. Since free will is in play, we cannot make predictions, but we can tell you that so many shifts are already happening that there is no way you will go “back to normal”. “Normal” has shifted and you will not be able to recapture it. It is like trying to re-live last Christmas over again. It will never be quite the same no matter how hard you try.

Let us lift your spirits, though, by telling you that the possibility exists for more abundance, more joy, more space in your life for important people, things and places to exist. Oh we tell you that the future looks so bright from our perspective. There will be more room for Truth, and for Light, for Being and for Living, for Seeing and for Loving, for Breathing and for Miracles!

The possibilities at this point are endless! It is imperative that you leave the lower vibratory emotions behind. Things like fear, shame, anger, hate, in order to make room for this new Reality that is trying so hard to birth itself. Open up to feelings that may be new to you: Trust, Joy, Sharing, Kindness, Compassion, and Belief. Open to a new Reality. Open to new possibilities. Open Open Open.

What you are leaving behind is the polarity and density of the third dimension. You are shifting into a new reality. We see you reaching out for it, and moving upwards towards it. It will not always be an easy transition but just like learning to walk was for you as a small child, you can do it no matter how awkward those first movements are. Yes, you may fall down. Get up. Yes, you may not always enjoy it. Get up. Yes, it will be challenging. Get up. And never give up. You can do this and it will be so worth it.

Keep the goal in mind: a new world, a new way of being. One in which you will prosper and breathe more deeply and love more perfectly. The riches of a new life are in sight. Don’t give up. Open. Get up. Focus on the goal.

That is all for now. We are with you always.

Namaste x


Messages From Heaven #2

Today I asked the guides if they had any messages and asked this question specifically:

So many people are being hurt by this quarantine and virus. Do you have any message today for them specifically and for us in general?

Ah, we see many of you are in emotional pain and living in trepidation about what is to come. And What IS To Come? That is the unknown with which you all will be familiar before this is over. The full unfoldment of these events may take a while. Timing depends on many factors. 

We are going to ask you to focus on the process rather than the timing. We know that is a huge ask. However, you will be better served to focus this way. The process is like a journey which is leading you to more freedom, more light, more expansion, more joy. If you could see this situation from our perspective you would be raring to go, excited at the journey.

For those of you who are facing great setbacks such as not being able to earn money, or go to school, and being confined, we assure you that this is temporary. We understand how this is leading people to fear, anxiety, anger, frustration.

To help with this, we ask you to do deep breathing with the color of green to combat and allay these feelings. Breathe in to the count of 4, hold your breath with the color green as it is absorbed, then exhale to the count of 4. 4 is the number of the heart chakra and its color (green) will help mitigate the effects of those lower emotions.

And again, we ask you to trust. We are doing all in our power to keep you safe. If you feel you are falling through the safety nets put in place, speak out. There is always someone who will come to your aid. But you must first take steps to care for yourself. If you cannot, make your need known.

There is a crescendo building up right now for this situation to play itself out. We cannot give you a time line even if we wanted to, but we cannot for one very big reason: free will.

So much of how this will unfold is up to individuals. The Oneness of the Universe has put certain people in place to carry out this delicate process and so far most are staying in alignment with The Oneness. And there are scores of others, nameless ones, who channel, who use their talents, who hold the space, who help others, who simply pray, and who help in many ways to move this along.

Give thanks for all those nameless ones as well as the ones whose names you hear, for all are part of the same movement. Everyone has his or her part to play in this. If you but listen to your inner voice, you will hear what YOUR part is. Even if it seems but a small contribution, EVERY part is needed.

Think of each person as a piece of a bowl. Each piece needs to be in place or water will leak out. The bowl is needed to be whole so that the energy within it is safely contained in order to put everything into place. This is a new creation, a new bowl, and it is meant to hold sacred humanity in a new embracing and supportive manner.

So listen to your inner voice and follow its guidance. Play your part. Release fear and tension. Focus on playing your part and that will help you release that fear. Practice breathing with the color green. Trust.

And may we suggest finally, smile. Be kind. Do “small acts of kindness”. We cannot emphasize enough how good this will help you feel. Get outside of your self and be part of the community. Release judgement. Accept others. Channel the Light through your bodies and spiritual bodies. This is such an amazing opportunity to shift the consciousness of the planet, and everyone upon the planet. Rejoice! Be joy! Ascend!

These messages are not meant to supercede your own guidance or values. Take what you wish from them and what resonates for you. They are offered from my heart to yours.

Messages from Heaven #1

Greetings and salutations to all. We know we are speaking to you at a time when your minds are reeling with changes and shattered with fear. We hope you will take 3 deep breaths before proceeding to read this and will open your minds and hearts to its contents. 

First, we ask you to Breathe. Deeply and slowly. It is important to do this throughout the day as you find yourself sliding into questions and fears and unknowns. Right now there are things going on that you need not know about. You will soon enough, but while things are unfolding for you, you are being asked to rest and reflect. We ask you to do so with a calm mind and relaxed body.

Second, we ask you to Trust. The Oneness of the Universe is in control. Don’t ever doubt it. There have been things put in place for decades for this moment to come forward as a way to propel the earth and its inhabitants into another dimensional level and another way of being. We ask you to trust that your highest good is being considered. 

Third, we ask you to Believe. To believe that good will dominate evil, that the light is returning to humanity and to the planet, that the “final battle” is being fought. The Oneness of the Universe, whom we will refer to as God in our messages, has chosen just the right people to lead you.

You have doubted them, made fun of them, degraded them, reviled them, but just like the Lord, Jesus, the ones chosen have been chosen not for their perfection but for their dedication to Truth. None are the Master that Jesus was, none are as perfect as He was, but all are dedicated to bringing Peace and Truth and Light back into your world.

In spite of this, many of you will still doubt, still deride, still complain, still revile. It is the way of duality. This world of duality is being replaced, though, by a New World, and if you choose to stay in duality, you will find yourself out of sync with the New. It is all according to free will ….

You may choose your own reality, stay in the old, or move into the new. It is all your choice. If you find yourself in your same reality a year from now, you will know you have been left behind. It is all okay. You must decide for your self which direction you will go and in which dimension you will live.

For now, while things are being quickly brought around to a new way of being, please allow yourself the peace of the moment. It is a great opportunity to reflect, to pray, to reexamine your own beliefs. Open your minds and hearts to new thoughts that might creep in. Open to Miracle. Open to Love. Open to Change. Open to something other than your concrete thoughts. Open. Open. Open. And Trust. And Love.

I will occasionally be sending out brief transmissions as they are given to me. This has been the first message.

March 2020 Newsletter

March is Color Therapy Month! In this issue we unveil an interview with the founder of CTM, Eleyne-Mari Sharp of Aura House School of Color and Light.

We also have a guest post from Lisa Erickson, author of Chakra Empowerment for Women, a new and insightful book taking a look at our chakras and how to heal them.

Each chakra is related to a color of the rainbow and combining Lisa’s exercises with the corresponding color of the chakra creates wonderful healing.

And finally, with the threat of coronavirus looming, Eleyne-Mari Sharp is sharing a link to a you tube video on how to make your own wonderful hand sanitizer without alcohol and other irritating ingredients.

I can’t wait to make mine! Enjoy this issue of our news!

“Color is the key to the subconscious mind.” – Carl Jung

Q&A WITH ELEYNE-MARI SHARP, founder of Color Therapy Month

Q1: March has become the one month every year when color lovers like me get a bit giddy. But Color Therapy Month must be a lot of work to organize. What on earth made you decide to create this worldwide celebration?

I know it’s a cliche, but Color Therapy Month is truly a labor of love. Ever since I launched the Aura House School of Color and Light in 2003—and then Color Healing Radio in 2009— my personal mission has been to help people find their light and joy through color. Color Therapy Month is a natural extension of that mission and I look forward to it, like Christmas.

Q2: When you created Color Therapy Month in 2011, what was your specific vision?

I wanted to create an event that increased public awareness about the benefits of color healing and encouraged support for color therapists and others who work with color.

Q3: That’s a nice vision. But why a month instead of a day? And why March?

Good questions. Initially, I did think of planning a one-day event, then I did some research and discovered there is a National Occupational Therapy Month and a National Physical Therapy Month. So I thought, why not a National Color Therapy Month? It quickly became an international celebration—and I didn’t want the name to sound like a mouthful—so it was shortened to Color Therapy Month.

I wanted to choose a month that was not overpopulated with holidays. When many of us here in this country think of March, we think of St. Paddy’s Day, leprechauns, shamrocks, and rainbows. Because of its rainbow association, March seemed ideal.

Q4: When did you first become interested in Color Therapy?

Color first became my muse when I was a professional writer in my thirties and suffering from an unusual case of writer’s block. I walked into a metaphysical gift shop here in Rhode Island and discovered Aura-Soma, the holistic color system developed by Vicky Wall, a surgical chiropodist before she lost her eyesight. I had a life-changing Aura-Soma color reading that day, which awakened a ravenous interest in all things color therapy!

Q5: The Color Therapy Month celebration truly is global. In addition to online activities, which countries are hosting colorful events this year?

There are so many and you’ll find them listed on the Calendar at This year the countries represented include Canada, England, Italy, New Zealand, Phillipines, Switzerland, and the United States. As always, I remain grateful for the efforts of the Color Ambassadors and all the color experts who generously share their knowledge about the benefits of color healing.

Q6: Will you be hosting any Color Therapy Month events yourself?

Definitely! Besides the online Color Pep Rally on March 1, I will be conducting a “Rainbow Crystal Journaling” teleseminar on March 15.

Q7: I’ve read the Color the World Opportunities Guide and I’m guessing that it answers nearly every question one might have about Color Therapy Month. Can anyone participate in this celebration?

Yes, and I’m glad you mentioned the free opportunities guide because it gives ideas for virtually every profession. For instance, a florist could create special Color Therapy Month theme bouquets. Jewelers might display their merchandise according to their color healing properties. Broadcasters could interview a color expert for their podcasts or television shows. There are many possibilities.

Q8: But what if you’ve read the guide and you still can’t decide on an event for your business? Or you just want to celebrate Color in a more private way?

It is for that exact reason that I am gifting my “Color for Peace Meditation” script to anyone who wants to celebrate Color Therapy Month in a very special way. The meditation was first broadcast on Color Healing Radio in September 2015, in celebration of the International Day of Peace. You can download it from the website.

Q9: How can we support Color Therapy Month?

Oh, I do love that question! People may support our efforts by planning a color-related event and helping us spread the word about Color Therapy Month. Go to our Facebook page at and post your colorful artwork.

There are free graphics available on our website at, as well as free social media promotional posts, and we have promotional products like t-shirts and totebags, too. We also have a Patreon account for donations.

Q10: Speaking of social media, there are two special Color Therapy Month hashtags people should remember to use: #colortherapymonth and #thankhueday. Thank Hue Day?

Yes, it’s the final day of Color Therapy Month—March 31—and an opportunity to show gratitude for all the pretty colors of the world. So post your color selfies with pride. Color heals—pass it on!

For a full list of the events and offerings for Color Therapy Month click here.

As always, if you want to find out which color to use for which chakra and for what support you might need, read about each color here:

Our entire being is nourished by color.” – Hans Hofman

Lisa Erickson: Guest post from the author of Chakra Empowerment for Women

Excerpted from Chakra Empowerment for Women: Self-Guided Techniques for Healing Trauma, Owning Your Power & Finding Overall Wellness by Lisa Erickson, from Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing.

Lisa is an energy worker specializing in women’s energetics and sexual trauma healing. In this book she presents twelve chakra activation processes, all specific to variations in women’s energy bodies. Every chapter includes case studies and sections on how this chakra is often the most impacted for women in general through cultural conditioning as well as sexual trauma. The following excerpt is from the throat chakra chapter, ‘The Throat Matrix’, and begins with the story of Maia, who came to Lisa for energy work.

NOTE from Diantha: In Color Therapy we typically work with the color orange to help heal traumas, abuse, shocks and any issue around boundaries. This is not in any way a substitute for professional guidance and help, but color can be very supportive as you move through any healing process whether physical, emotional, spiritual or mental. Blue would be the color for the throat.


Maia was twenty-six and a prime example of an overtalker. It was difficult to break into her narrative to speak, and while she clearly needed someone to truly hear her, it hindered our ability to do any meaningful energy work. She told me that her primary goal for our work was to help gain some financial stability. Although she had certification as a masseuse, she had never been able to make ends meet through it and had ended up jumping from job to job in the service industry.

When we spoke, Maia would typically begin with a story of some situation or encounter at work or with a friend that had triggered her and then tangent off into situations from her childhood that she believed had contributed to her being triggered. While often insightful, everything stayed decidedly on an analytic level, and it was difficult for her to express how she felt or where she experienced a particular emotion or energy in her body. Often it was difficult to ask these questions without deliberately interrupting her.

I asked Maia to first begin working with the Root Bowl [a tool presented earlier in this book related to the first, or root, chakra] to ground and connect with her body. Although she could connect with the exercise as we did it together, once she began talking afterward her energy surged upward, into her throat and third eye chakras, creating a hyperactivity there that then expressed through her talking and self-analysis. I described for her what I was sensing and asked her to do the Root Bowl daily between sessions, and to practice staying grounded in her lower chakras as much as possible, without popping upward.

We worked with Maia’s root chakra for several weeks, focused on releasing blocks from past experiences that had hindered her ability to connect with her root and to stay grounded in it. Although Maia became more aware of her tendency to disassociate from her root, she continued to use her excessive speech as a wall at times, slowing further work. We then shifted into working with the Throat Matrix.

It was while working with the Throat Matrix that Maia really began to open up. She mentioned having been sexually abused by a family friend when she was between the ages of five and eight years old. Although Maia had very clear memories of what had occurred, she had only ever told one person, her mother, when she was around seven years old. Her mother reacted very angrily and accused Maia of lying, so she never spoke of the abuse again. In fact, Maia insisted that … continue reading click here.

Thanks to the founder of Color Therapy Month, Eleyne-Mari Sharp, for this timely link for home made hand sanitizer. Good for your hands but still most effective in killing germs, it smells good and nourishes your hands at the same time.

Color Comes Alive!!!

This is the Table of Contents for Simply Color for Everyday Living, the latest book in the Simply Color series. It was written by 25 professionals plus myself and covers all these ways to use color. Dr. Quaranto describes it as a “combination of self developement, feng shui,” and “tons of ideas.” The book is a great gift item, as well as a wonderful book for your own library and reference:

Happy Color Therapy Month. Until next month…..

January/February 2020 Newsletter

This month I am combining the January and February newsletters. This year got started off with many obligations and many friends who are facing troubled times. Illnesses, deaths, funerals, hospital visits, and so on have taken up my time.

I am sure there are many of you who are having similar experiences and know you will understand how time got away from me and necessitated the combining of two newsletters. Hopefully I can be more timely in being with you.

New Year’s greetings to you and Blessings always…..



At the start of a new year, it is customary for some to review where they have been and to focus on where they want to go. Some make vision boards. Some do intense journaling. Some do meditation, prayer or focus exercises. Others go blithely along their way neither reviewing nor focusing, doing no planning or giving no thought to how to make their life better.

This year for Christmas one of our gifts from our sons was a membership to Each week we are sent a question like, “What were your Christmases like when you were a child?” or “What was your first big trip?”

The process of writing out the answers has been a wonderful way to review where we have been in life and how we have overcome obstacles , created memories, and experienced life. It has given me a whole new appreciation for my childhood which was difficult in many ways and so blessed in others. With only two of my “stories” written, I look forward to a whole year in which I will write one story a week. At the end we can choose to have these stories collected into a book if we wish. I thought it was a great idea our kids had and I am thoroughly enjoying the process!

So no matter how you rang in the New Year…either with great conscious effort or none at all….I wish you the best for 2020. May your story continue to define the brilliance that is you.

This quote comes through a dear friend and I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you. It’s a wonderful New Year’s wish for you:


May all that is unforgiven in you

Be released.

May your fears yield

Their deepest tranquilities.

May all that is unlived in you

Blossom into the future

Graced with love.


This is the month we celebrate love. Valentine’s seems to accentuate romantic love but love comes in all sorts of iterations. We love our children, our parents, our families, our animals, our foods, our drinks, our homes, and we love objects like books, trees, the ocean, seashells, cars, stamps, coins…..the list is as varied as we are. We have all experienced love, and quite probably the absence of it as well: the highs and the heartbreaks. It seems God uses love as a tool to round us out, to smooth off our rough edges, to force us to think more deeply and act from a less selfish place in our hearts. We never quite perfect the art of love and loving, but it is a tribute to the human spirit that we never stop trying.

As Tiny Tim said in A Christmas Carol, “God bless us everyone!” For we try. And we fail. And we get up again and try once more. Love is a great motivator. And worth fighting for, and getting up and trying again. 

So in this month that celebrates love, I wish you the best of love. May you all feel at least once in your lives this amazing emotion in its purest form.


“Love is a Many-Splendored Thing” (a film from 1955)

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too big a burden to bear.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” Oscar Wilde

“If you would be loved, love, and be loveable.” Benjamin Franklin

“Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love. This is the eternal rule.” Buddha

“And now abide faith, hope and love, these three, but the greatest of these is love.”

1 Corinthians, 13:13

And as we enter the year of a very hot political election cycle please remember there is more that unites us than divides us. Put your differences aside and focus on the things you love about your friend, your relative, your neighbor.

The hatred and vitriol will get us nowhere but further down the spiral of failure and defeat. Rise above. It is from the vantage point of the eagle that we get the whole picture, and not the myopic viewpoint of the ant. In the end, love is the point.

Love is all there is. And the reason we are here in the Universe. So be the carrier of love, not division or hatred. Seek to BE LOVE, not right.

The colors of love could be any of these depending on how you use them. I recommend pink for unifying group energies and to create an atmosphere of unconditional love in a space. Red for passionate love. Green for infusing heart energy into an environment, and purple for a more spiritual type of love. Magenta is love of beauty and can be used to infuse “love from above”.

As I began to love myself I freed myself of anything that is no good for my health – food, people, things, situations, and everything that drew me down and away from myself. At first I called this attitude a healthy egoism. Today I know it is “LOVE OF ONESELF”. – Charlie Chaplin

This is the Table of Contents for Simply Color for Everyday Living, the latest book in the Simiply Color series. It was written by 25 professionals plus myself and covers all these ways to use color. Dr. Quaranto describes it as a “combination of self developement, feng shui,” and “tons of ideas.” The book is a great gift item, as well as a wonderful book for your own library and reference.

Happy New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day. Until next month…..

December 2019 Newsletter

This month of gift giving has inspired me to use this newsletter and opportunity to gift you, my readers, with some fun facts on color, and a few significant and easy helpers in the spiritual realm. I hope you will enjoy my gifts to you and find them of some value either now or in the future.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all!

First up: The Hawaiian Ho-oponopono.

Most of you have heard of this compassionate approach to problem solving coming out of Hawaiian wisdom. Whenever we are faced with a challenge or problem we are given 4 steps to say and work through. They are:

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you

These four simple steps to this method are supposedly used in any order. Repentance, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Love are the only forces at work – but these forces have amazing power.

Next, The Four Agreements.

Several years ago a simple little book was written by Don Miguel Ruiz and it became a huge best seller. For those of you who have never read his little book, you have a real treat in store for you, and for those of you who have read it, go back in time to review the wisdom in its pages:

1. Be Impeccable with your Word.
2. Don’t take anything personally.
3. Don’t make assumptions.
4. Always do your best.

This is actually a compilation of several methods I have been taught over the years.Not attirbutable to any one system as I have combined several methods into this way of helping yourself through challenges.Bring in protection (energetically via color, intent or any method you have learned) and state your challenge, bringing to mind memories, and sensory memories.

Let them flood your body. Taking your wounded self, bring that wounded being into your bubble of protection. I generally make this bubble a color of healing and strength and often bring in angels, or masters, or Spiritual Teachers but you do what resonates for you).

Then say to your wounded self: I accept you just as you are. I forgive you. I am grateful for all our experiences so that we can learn and expand. I love you unconditionally. I am here for you always. You are never alone.

Sit with this as it sinks into your being and consciousness for as long as you can.

Color is a great way to “seal the deal” so to speak. My color sprays are perfect for this sort of exercise but you can bring color in with your intent, through essential oils, flower essences, gems, fabrics, and other items.

Now for wisdom I heard from a dear friend. She has taught me so many things over the years and I couldn’t wait to share this with you. When you are in a charged conversation with someone, before responding, ask yourself the following questions about what you are about to say:

Is it true?
Is it kind?
Is it necessary?
Would silence be better?

GREAT wisdom here.



A hue that exudes friendly authority and the room for expanse and endless horizons!

According to Sherwin Williams, green kitchens are trending. Read about it here.

Many of you are probably familiar with the amazing work on color that Kate Smith does. Her website has been redesigned and is better than ever. Her newsletter addressing all the different “Colors of the Year” has great commentary. If you are at all into color you must pay a visit to Kate’s website. Enjoy!

Still shopping? What about a signed copy of Simply Color for Everyday Living along with a RAINBOW spray from the Simply Color Collection? I can’t think of a more thoughtful way of saying “I care about you” than this lovely combo.

This is the Table of Contents for Simply Color for Everyday Living, the latest book in the Simiply Color series. It was written by 25 professionals plus myself and covers all these ways to use color. Dr. Quaranto describes it as a “combination of self developement, feng shui,” and “tons of ideas.” The book is a great gift item, as well as a wonderful book for your own library and reference:

Season’s Blessings to you all! Until next month,


November 2019 Newsletter

It’s November already and I have 8 weeks left to finish cleaning out my clutter. I don’t remember what iteration this is of clutter clearing. All I know is I’ve done this a lot and although in one breath I hate doing it again, I also know that once it is done, I will feel a whole lot better. 

True confessions: I am the daughter of a hoarder. It took my two sisters, an “adopted brother”, and me at least three years to clean out our family home where my Grandmother and we five had lived for over 40 years. Well, not all of us lived there for 40 years, but our Mother did and it was she who filled up every nook and cranny of a rambling mid century ranch house. We had a basement that went at least half way under the house and two big attics, one at each end. One was Grandmother’s and one was Mother’s. Each was equally jammed with stuff. Plus we had a barn. Yep, all filled up.

I don’t want to dwell on that particular clean out as it was a challenge beyond your wildest dreams. For three years we sisters would make the trek back to the old homestead and stay for 4-8 days and spend them all sorting, cleaning, tossing, and dispersing all the treasures in the house. To complicate things, the house held lots of junk too, like empty egg cartons, used napkins carefully folded for later use, used tin foil, empty jelly containers from restaurants, and little boxes, little plastic containers, newspapers, magazines and stacks of old comics from our growing up years. Some treasures, lots of junk.

So this experience began my “clutter clearing in earnest” history. As a child I was very neat and liked keeping things in their place, but since I never had my own space, that was hard. I gradually gave up on the idea that I could live in a neat environment after living first with sisters, then with roommates, then a husband and children.

After our children grew up and left the nest, we made our first big downsizing move. THAT was a chore. I will spare you the details but I ended up hiring an organizer and it was the best money I ever spent. She showed me how to declutter by sorting things into the piles of Keep, Pass it On, and Trash It. She gave me one plastic container in which I could put keepsakes, but once that was filled, that was it. She was great!

Since that move we have moved at least 5 more times and each time we move we get a chance to declutter. It’s a process I both love and hate. The fun part is finding things I’ve forgotten about that make me smile or laugh. Or finding things I thought were so wonderful and wondering now: “what were you thinking?”

Ah clutter: the bane of my existence. But it has taught me how to prioritize, and how to detach from material things. It has gotten so much easier over time. Part of it is, I realize, that as we age, things become far less important than they once were. As we talked about before, there is nothing wrong with things, except when they become the focus of our lives. But now, I can honestly say that most of the things I am keeping bring me joy, but never as much as being with the people I love.

I am so very grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you for being a part of my life.

What colors do you associate with gratitude, giving, fall? Maybe it’s green for an open heart? Or red to warm up our bodies from the cool weather? Or perhaps orange, the color of community as we sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends?

Whatever color you want or need, we have it here for you. Each bottle is handmade just for you. None sit around on a shelf getting old. They are made to order so we can sometimes add in extra magic! Click here to purchase.

This has been around before but it is so worth watching over and over.

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.
― L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Happy Thanksgiving! Until next month,


October 2019 Newsletter

A friend and colleague of mine, Eleyne-Marie of Aura House recently did a great series on the coming 5G technology and its dangers.  She had asked me to do a short video on Electrical Magnetic Frequencies which are present all around us in our world of WiFi, Bluetooth, Smart Homes, Alexas etc. As a feng shui practioner and a certified Interior Alignment graduate, I had been trained in the basics of how to manage living with these frequencies. That short video is here.

I will let you explore Eleyne Marie’s series, my video, and this article from Elana’s Pantry which have some great tips for you to manage your own immersion into EMF’s. For those who will not bother going further let me just ask you to be cautious about wearing a computer watch or a type of Fit Bit as it will cause you to be constantly bombarded with EMF frequencies. In addition, please do not sleep with your cell phones, cordless phones or electronic gadgets next to your bed. All kinds of physical conditions have been thought to come from them from infertility to migraines to sleeplessness to cancer and beyond.

Please just be careful and be mindful of what devices such as cell phones, cordless phones, computers, tablets, computer watches, fit bit types of devices, smart home devices, TV’s etc can do to you. If you are aware, you can then take action, or not, depending on your own free will. But not knowing gives you no choice.

Awareness gives you power over your life. Ignorance disempowers you. “Forewarned is forearmed” as the saying goes.

The colors of fall bring us such an abundance of bright joyous hues. Oranges and purples and reds and greens all gather together to send us a blaze of glory before winter sets in. Here in Florida we don’t get a fall like that, but we actually do have trees here shedding their leaves and needles. Some trees will go somewhat bare, not like the north for sure, but there are subtle differences in the seasons here.

Having lived in both climates, I enjoy the differences and the subtleness of Florida’s seasons have taught me to be super aware. Nature is always a great teacher and we can learn all sorts of things from her. What are some of your own learnings from Mother Nature? I would love to hear from you!

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.
― L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

The colors of fall are many and various depending on where you are living. From the bright yellows and oranges and reds to the deeper purples and harvest browns the colors of fall are a wonder of nature. Choose your favorite from our Simply Color Collection to enhance your experience of fall.

“Autumn begins to show us how beautiful it is to let things go.”

– Unknown

Happy Fall! Until next month,


September Newsletter 2019

There is a delightful little tale of two monks on a long journey through the countryside. These were monks who had taken a vow of celibacy and were to never be in the company of women, especially alone.

As they walked they chatted and quoted their holy texts to each other. They filled each other’s ears and souls with the tenets of their faith. As they approached the river, they came upon a young woman who was traveling alone. She could not swim and was terrified of crossing the river alone. The first monk walked past her, ignoring her plight and he plunged into the water and began to make his way across. The second monk, however, picked her up and carried her across, using his strength to assist her in her plight. 

On the far side of the river he carefully placed her back on her feet on dry land and she thanked him and continued on her journey waving to the monks as she walked downriver.

The two monks continued their journey, turning to walk upriver and thus they walked all day long. By the end of the day, the first monk, cheeks red as the sunset with suppressed anger, turned to his companion. 

“Brother,” he said, “you violated our vows by touching that woman and carrying her across the river. How could you have done that! I am so angry with you!”

The second monk look at his traveling companion and friend and answered him softly, saying, “Oh my dear Brother. I left that woman long ago down by the side of the river but you, my friend, have carried her with you all day.” 

I love this story because it reminds us that we need to release our burdens, our old emotions, our old beliefs, our old prejudices, our outgrown thoughts, and our rigid grasp on what we believe to be the only way to think/live/be.

How many of us are bogged down like the first monk with a tenacious grasp on something that is outmoded, or outdated? Beliefs that separate us from kindness and compassion? Thoughts that constrict our growth and our ability to connect with all of humanity?

How many of us are living in our own self constructed jail cells?

I had an awakening years ago in which I realized that the cell of my own thoughts turned out to be unlocked. There I was, scared, angry, totally turned inward with my thoughts and restricting beliefs. But after this awakening I realized that the door to my jail cell, although closed, was not locked, and that I had the ability to leave it at any time. I just had to wake up, release my hold on how I thought others should be, lay down my burden, and walk out the door. 

Ever since that turning point, my life has lightened up and has become so expanded and miraculous. Joy keeps filling me. The miracles keep happening. And I have never ever missed one moment in that self inflicted jail cell.

I hope you have enjoyed the tale of the two monks and that perhaps it will get you thinking about your own jail cell and how you might change your environment. Change can be scary and challenging and hard, but it is so worth freeing your self and your soul.

Lay down your burdens and be free. Blessings to you, dear friend.

“Even a rock moves on.” ~Anthony Liccione 

Returning to school after summer can be stressful on both parents and children. Turn to the colors of the rainbow for support during these times of stress and challenges. Did you know that the color yellow helps people study and retain information better? Or that gold helps people value themselves more?

Each color can help with specific issues. Contact me or check out my shop for sprays to get more information.

“For Peace of Mind, resign as general manager of the Universe.” ~ Unknown

This is the Table of Contents for Simply Color for Everyday Living, the latest book in the Simiply Color series. It was written by 25 professionals plus myself and covers creative, fun, unique ways to use color in your life.

Dr. Quaranto describes it as a “combination of self-development, feng shui, and tons of ideas.” The book is a great gift item, as well as a wonderful book for your own library and reference.

August 2019 Newsletter

With summer coming to a close, I felt it would be a good time to send you some quotes that I’ve seen recently that I’d like to share. Perhaps some will uplift, or enlighten, or support, or inspire, or comfort…..These are all sent to you from my heart to yours. May all your days bring you joy….. 

“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust in the magic of beginnings. Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.” ~13th Century theologian Meister Eckhart

The Universe is always speaking to us….sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more.” ~Nancy Thayer

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the STEP!” ~Unknown

 “If you could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet, how important you can be to the people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.” ~Fred Rogers

“I have decided to stick to love….Hate is too great a burden to bear.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yesterday I was so clever I was going to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.” ~Rumi 

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.” ~Rumi

Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens to a love like that: it lights up the whole sky.” ~Hafez 

“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside of yourself: Everything you want, you already are.” ~Rumi

There’s a destructive power in unforgiveness and unforgiveness controls you in a negative way. It’s time to let it all go! You become strong when you genuinely forgive. You become empowered when you genuinely forgive. You gain back your inner peace when you genuinely forgive. You release stress, bitterness and anger when you genuinely forgive. But most importantly, you’re able to live your best life when you genuinely forgive. Give yourself permission to live life free of toxic thoughts, feelings, and energy. Forgive!” ~Stephanie Lahart

And finally, a quote you’ve undoubtedly heard many times and often attributed to Nelson Mandela but he was only quoting Marianne Williamson from her book, Return to Love:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’.

Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~Marianne Williamson

And here is a blog post that might appeal to some of you who are empaths. It is from Lisa Erikson who is a wonderful healer. This article contains great tips for you!

 All Natural Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

We are fortunate to have a guest blogger this month, Stephanie James*A night of good sleep is necessary for everyone. Sleep has been proven to have significant impacts on one’s health and relationships.

In one study, it was established that children who sleep for a short time have 89% chances of becoming obese with the percentage being at 55 in adults. Poor sleep quality and duration has also been linked to higher chances of suffering a stroke, slipping into depression, among other health risk factors.

Resting well during the night has numerous benefits among them, improved concentration, increased productivity, and better interactions.

Sleep is a beautiful thing, and if you feel you are not getting enough of it, then there are several things you can do. Here are the top five tips for good night sleep.

Drink herbal tea.

Teas that contain herbs like lavender, peppermint, and chamomile help prepare your mind to sleep. These teas provide calming effects that are important for your mind and body to wind down. Avoid any beverage that contains caffeine as that will only give you the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

Take A Warm Bath.

A warm bath refreshes you up and makes you feel more relaxed, which is what you need to sleep. According to medical experts, the rise in temperature during a bath and the consequent drop in temperature as you get to bed will send you into a deep sleep within a few minutes.

Use Essential Oils.

Certain essential oils have been scientifically proven to aid sleep. Find out which ones work well for you. Essentials oils include lavender, roman chamomile, and frankincense. You can blend some of them for customized aromas and effects. Essential oils are great alternatives to sleeping pills. They are known to help reduce anxiety and emotional stress, which is quite often the culprit of sleep loss. Some essential oils also promote drowsiness, which enables you to fall asleep.

Change Your Mattress and Sheets.

The quality of your mattress and sheets can affect the quality of your sleep. If your mattress and sheets have served you for several years, then it could be time you changed them. They have probably grown old and uncomfortable. An old mattress will eventually cause you back pains, shoulder pains, and even a stiff neck. Studies have also pointed out that new beddings enhance the quality of sleep.

Stick to Using Your Bed for Sleep Only.

Your mind is a very powerful organ, and you need to feed it with the correct information. Do not get used to watching TV, eating, working, or doing any other serious activities from the comfort of your bed. Condition your mind to sleep when you get to bed. If you cannot fall asleep, wake up and do something that will soothe you to sleep like a little meditation or reading a story.

Sometimes, falling asleep can still be a challenge even after trying several tips. But it’s important to make sleep a priority in order to reach your life’s potential. Sleepless nights can be an indication of an underlying medical condition.

So, if you think you’re unable to sleep after trying a few of these natural methods for relaxation, reach out to a medical professional for a routine specific to your body’s needs.

* Stephanie James is freelance writer, world traveler, and wellness enthusiast. As someone who spends more time in a plane than in a car, she has mastered the art of sleep & comfort from any time zone! In addition to covering topics on sleep health and wellness, you can also find her stories on fitness, travel, and healthy living. Connect with Stephanie or find more of her published work on Twitter: @sjaywrites13