Ding Dong Merrily on High



We are just about the two luckiest people on the planet. We live next door to two very artistic people, one plays the oboe and one is a painter/pastel artist. The other night we were invited to a little Holiday concert in their home and one of the songs was the Christmas carol, “Ding Dong Merrily On High”. Its jaunty little tune is one that sticks with you and lifts you up over and over.

A few nights ago, Bill and I actually did “ding-dong” for two hours as we stood outside a local grocery and rang the bell for the Salvation Army. We had such a great experience. First of all, I am floored by how generous Americans are. There were by far more givers than not. Even the ones who had little to spare would chuck in a little change. We could tell that they could very well use that change for themselves, but no, they chose to give.

Most folk, even if they couldn’t give or chose not to, were very friendly. Of course there are those who walked right by not acknowledging our “Merry Christmases”, not daring to make eye contact or even crack a smile. There were those who smiled and said “I already gave today” or who would greet us back with a hearty, heartfelt greeting. We had no expectations that everyone would give, far from it. But by the end of the two hours, the pot was full to bursting with the generosity of our community.

There is something wonderful about how giving blesses the giver. Last month we spoke about gratitude and how it prepares us to give. Gratitude begins to open our hearts to all the blessings we have received. Remember the story of the Fleas from last month? And how even seemingly bad things can end up being blessings? Well, with feeling thankful comes the added benefit of the heart opening. When the heart opens, even a crack, it lets in the Light and the blessings begin to enter. The more this happens, the more our beings want to pour out gratitude and generosity to the world. It is a beautiful cycle.

The energetic pattern behind this is so amazing. You can find images on the internet of what this looks like: the energy forming a big figure 8 of the in and out movement of energy through the heart, out into the universe and back again. The idea is that the more we give, the more we receive. Isn’t that just the most amazing thing? What a blessing.

Whether it’s the familiar Salvation Army red pots or your community charities, or any one of a number of worthwhile charities, I encourage you to give whatever you can. The gift of giving blesses the giver at least as much or maybe even more than the recipient. It is a wonderful way to open your own heart, and feel the blessings rush in.

The Blessings of the Season to you……..

Gratitude Begets Generosity


Gratitude and Generosity

Inspired by One Simple Act by Debbie Macomber


I have written extensively about gratitude over the years and have had a gratitude practice for ages but it wanes at times and I admit to being inconsistent with it. By inconsistent, I mean I don’t always do it the same way day after day but I vary it. There is rarely a day I don’t do something at all about gratitude, even if it is only giving thanks for our food.

But Debbie Macomber writes eloquently about how important it is to have an “attitude of gratitude” before we even begin to think about generosity. Because to her, it is the foundation of giving.


In the first chapter she mentions one of my all time favorite books, The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten-Boom. In the book Corrie tells us of how she and her beloved sister hide escaping Jews in Holland and are eventually found out, placed in Ravensbruck, and end up in a barracks designed for 400 people but jammed with 1400. They have a forbidden Bible with them hidden in their barracks and it is this Bible that they all turn to and read from to sustain their spirits while in this horrid place.

Of course the barracks becomes contaminated with fleas, who bite and chew on the inhabitants relentlessly. It is Corrie’s sister who insists they all be grateful for the fleas because their presence is what keeps the guards from inspecting the room, thus preserving the presence of their Bible. Corrie resists this for a while but later realizes her sister is right, and begins to give thanks for the fleas.

“Fleas” in our own lives can be any one of a number of inconveniences, disappointments, things we don’t like or want in our lives. But to Corrie, and to Ms. Macomber, “Fleas” are things that appear in our lives to help us, not hurt us. We are not meant to judge the wisdom of nature or the will of God but find the silver lining in things and trust that all in the end will be well.


Ms. Macomber highlights the research on gratitude by R.A. Emmons of the University of California, Davis, and M. E. McCullough of the University of Miami. These researchers found that those who kept a gratitude journal “exercised more regularly, reported fewer illness symptoms, felt better about their lives as a whole, and were more optimistic about the upcoming week…..” p. 14

She also states on pp. 15-16 the findings of Stephen Post, PhD. and professor of bioethics at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine. He found the following 5 things that gratitude does:

  1. Gratitude Defends (increases your body’s natural antibodies)
  2. Gratitude Sharpens (helps our brain focus and helps avoid depression)
  3. Gratitude Calms (which in turn helps our blood pressure and heart rate)
  4. Gratitude Strengthens (helps us in stressful conditions: think of the Fleas)
  5. Gratitude Heals. (when we are sick, we can heal faster when we focus on gratitude)

Ms. Macomber states: “When gratitude becomes a habit, then generosity seems to follow naturally.” P.15 So giving becomes a natural outgrowth of our gratitude practice.


Here is a basic truth about generosity:

“Cultivating the habit of good deeds will not only affect those around us, it will improve our own emotional well-being” p.49


We will address GIVING in the December issue of our newsletter. Meanwhile Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your gratitude practice!




Lifting the US Presidential Meditation from James Twyman

Special notice: On Sunday night, November 6 at 7pm Eastern there will be a world wide meditation led by James Twyman to uplift the US Presidential Election. Everyone on the planet will be affected by who is elected President, so please, join in to uplift the energy, and to meditate for the highest good of all to be served. Leave behind your judgements and opinions and join us in creating miracle.





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