June 2020 Newsletter

June 2020 Newsletter A bouquet of different blossoms for you this month: Some changes, some announcements, some things that are helpful. Enjoy!

  1. Messages from Heaven I will now be posting MFH on my website, www.lifepotentials.net instead of sending them to mailboxes although you will get a notice that it is posted. My apologies to the two of you who opted out. I fussed with my mailing list for ages and just couldn’t manage to get it right but the messages themselves will not land in your inbox. For those of you who want to continue to read them, a click of your mouse on the link will take you to the new message. http://lifepotentials.net/category/messages-from-heaven/    

2. Announcements During this crisis I’ve been doing two new things. Firstly, I am studying to become a coach for the Brittany Watkins method of Tapping for Weight Loss (and other issues!) using The Emotional Freedom Technique. In the months I have been working with it, I have found such amazing progress with shedding old beliefs and old patterns, repairing emotional issues that have affected me negatively for years. I have months to go before I am fully finished with the training but wanted to let you all know what I have been up to. Soon I will be looking for people to work with for practice so be thinking if you would like to participate at little cost to you. I’ve decided to charge a nominal fee so my “clients” will have skin in the game but it will be a very nominal charge. You do not have to need to loose weight at all as this is really a method for getting our emotional bodies healed and unload a ton of stuff weighing on your soul! Perhaps you are struggling with money issues, or with the drive to be perfect or a struggle with your own inner critic. Or maybe it is relationship issues, or self image. Whatever your main emotional blockages, we can address them in the safety and security of you own home on Skype or Zoom or What’s App.  

Second, I found a new company that is creating lots of jobs especially for young people and they make and distribute effective and natural supplements to help us be as good as we can be. I am loving the products. If you are looking for extra income, a new stream of income and a healthier body, please contact me. One of the two evening capsules gently sculpts your body using probiotics, prebiotics and other gentle digestive things that work while you sleep. You take it at night along with their capsule that enhances sleep without grogginess. The third product I use is their multivitamin that contains all the vitamins along with adaptogens and nootropics for the brain. All natural ingredients. I have more focus, and energy, during the day and sleep more deeply as I am getting those deep sleep waves instead of being half awake while sleeping, a common complaint as we age. There is also an awesome vitamin product for kids with no sugar and again, all natural. This is a powder and adults use it to mix up with water and drink as a vitamin water. Anyway, if you are interested in the products or the business side let me know. This company is world wide and ready to explode.  

Third. I’ve been doing more painting lately, both watercolors and acrylics, and am just having fun playing with color. My paintings will never hang in a shop much less a museum, but the joy of creating and seeing the colors on canvas or paper is so much fun. I highly encourage you to find something that tweaks your creative nature. Writing, sketching, making up songs, strumming a banjo, humming a tune, singing in the shower…..just have fun! It lightens up life so much! Two of my Florida series are below.  

Fourth: I found this article on using green light to minimize pain. Since many of us suffer from chronic pain, I thought some of you might find this interesting, if not an answer! Enjoy. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/12/15/787138928/researchers-explore-a-drug-free-idea-to-relieve-chronic-pain-green-light  

Finally: The month of June is my natal month. As a way of celebrating I am offering my last book to you at the unknown price of $18 which includes shipping. It is my birthday gift to you! Retail price on Simply Color for Everyday Living is $35 for this all color tome that will be welcome in anyone’s library. You’ll have to send me an email to lifepnet@aol.com to order as I cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix this on my website. Please forgive me my shortcomings in the tech sector. Just send me your order and a way to contact you and I’ll get in touch with you for details such as where to send your order and how you wish to pay. I can do paypal or check.   That’s it for this month! I hope most of you are able to return to more freedom as we head towards our July 4 Holiday. And I hope none of you got the dreaded COVID 19 virus. Stay healthy and happy and may your life be filled with joy!       Happy June! Until next month…..
May 2020 Newsletter

May 2020 Newsletter

“We are all sitting and waiting.” This is the message I received from a good friend the other day. She said there was a Robin who had built a nest on her exterior light fixture next to the family room and every day she could watch the bird sit and wait for her eggs to hatch. It was such a great analogy for what is going on today that I had to share this with you.

I consider myself extremely fortunate in this quarantine situation since I am safe and healthy. Other than my hair that is wildly out of control things are fine for us. If I ever had doubts about whether or not I am a homebody at heart they are gone now. I am DEFINITELY a home body. I am loving not going out and staying home and reading, painting, napping, putzing, cooking…..I am happy as can be.

But I know not everyone is. My husband, a definite extrovert, is being patient but I know he would love to be out there doing his charity work much more actively. He is a great example of how to do retirement: put your skills to work doing something worthwhile. I have not yet retired but when I do or if I do, I hope to use his example as my guide.

Waiting patiently is wearing thin for most of you no doubt. How can we keep sitting on our nests waiting for those little robins to emerge when we have things to do? Things we deem important. And most of us need to get back to work.

I don’t have answers for you. The answers lie within each of you. Your own situation is unique, and each solution will be as well. I know people are resilient and clever and creative and so are you. I would love to hear about how you are handling things and managing and surviving right now. If you would like me to pray for you, let me know.

I have been busy taking a coaching course from Brittany Watkins on Tapping for Weight Loss, using EFT. I have shifted so many things in this course and have more to go, but I wanted to share a little today. This is on Brittany’s Instagram account so you can find the entire piece there but here is a little guide line to know when and if you are self sabotaging yourself. This is particularly hazardous during times of anxiety and isolation so I thought it timely:

Signs of self sabotaging:


~People pleasing

~Negative self talk

~Making excuses or justifying your behavior

~Not taking responsibility

~Initiating conflicts

~Over indulgence

~Perfectionist behavior

~Being too busy

~Projecting or blaming others

~Self blame

Any and all of the above can lead us into self sabotage. Be on the lookout for these when they appear in your lives in order to recognize them, name them, and let them go. And if you know how to tap with EFT, you can do so. Engaging the nervous system helps to change behaviors dramatically. In a few months I will be looking for volunteers so I can practice. You do not need to have a weight problem to be a part of this as we will be addressing so many other issues that underlie what manifests on the physical. Be on the lookout if this might be something of interest to you.

April 2020 Newsletter

Lazure Painting
April 2020 Newsletter What a lot of change in a month. I feel as if I am living on another planet right now, or at least another reality! This month I will continue with a wonderful addition to Color Therapy Month which is in March of each year. It is an article by Charles Andrade about Lazure Painting. The first time I experienced this amazing painting method was in Ann Arbor, Michigan at a Waldorf School. I’ll let Charles tell you what it is but Charles is a master at this sort of work. I’ve included a few photos of the many he and his lovely wife sent me. I would dearly love to live in a place long enough to paint my bedroom walls in Lazure. If you don’t have a Lazure artist in your are area, Charles offers DIY kits. I think it would be great fun to use them!   So enjoy the article and the little bits of encouragement within the newsletter. God bless.   Lazure is more than just a decorative paint finish but offers a whole new way of looking at and experiencing color. Lazure painting is based on color theory that understands the psychological and spiritual effect that light and color have on human beings.   If I were to give a definition of Lazure, it would be, the atmospheric blushing of analogous colors across a white wall.   The luminous, transparent quality of Lazure is created when color glazes are brushed on in layers. The subtle, optical mixing that takes place on the walls when ambient light shines through the successive veils of color calls forth a nuanced perception on the part of the viewer.   Where opaque paint absorbs light and captures color monochromatically in a dense medium, the water-thin Lazure glazes are suspended in a clear medium that is applied over a white surface that allow for optimal light reflection and refraction.   Lazuring is almost as if one is painting with light or using light as a pigment. It can make the walls of a room disappear, replaced by color that move across the walls of a room and change in tone throughout the day.   Lazure may be used to produce a variety of qualities from soothing and calming to dynamic and invigorating. The color’s effects can be either gradual and sequential or muralistic and dramatic.   I work closely with my clients to understand how the space under consideration will be used. This helps me align the right color(s) with the human activity taking place within that space. Then I look at the architectural quality of the room to see what spatial dynamic it offers, and how its structure affects the way the nature light enters the space. Together, we arrive and achieve the ideal desired interior design result for their home.     BIO   Charles Andrade owns and operates Lazure Custom Wall Designs – a mural and decorative painting business, specializing in a unique European glazing finish called Lazure that creates healing interior environments. Andrade paints in the colorist style that has evolved from his initial training in painting which he studied in England at Tobias School of Art & Therapy. His paintings can be found in private collections in North America, Europe and New Zealand. Charles teaches fine art classes, lectures and offers Lazure and painting workshops worldwide.   DIY Lazure kit: https://lazure.com/site/team/lazure-by-andrade/   A wonderful video on Lazure and what it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afdvh9nMRP4   Website: www.lazure.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lazurebycharlesandrade Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/andrade3629/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lazure.art.charlesandrade/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu3i3DL8mYW28S9KcUDHcmw Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charles-andrade-998a825 Twitter: @LazureByAndrade Email: info@lazure.com   As always color is a great ally as we navigate our lives. So many colors are there for us to call on as we go through these challenging times. Orange for shock and trauma; blue to bring in a sense of peace and calming; yellow for home schoolers to help your children retain information as well as a healthy sense of self; green to help heal our hearts and bring in a sense of space and nature; purple to help us expand spiritually; gold to help us connect with our gut wisdom and help us overcome fears……each color has its own way of supporting us. Click on the link below to read more about each color and how you can use color to enhance your lives.
http://www.lifepotentials.net/shop/ Here are two different but equally wonderful You Tube videos for you to enjoy. The first is Admiral McCraven’s speech which was the basis for his book, Make Your Bed. It is crammed full of wisdom and worth watching over and over.

The second is a beautiful rendition of a “shelter in place” video of the song, “It is Well With My Soul”. Such gifted singers!  Enjoy!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDIJz6zzHNU&feature=youtu.be This is the Table of Contents for Simply Color for Everyday Living, the latest book in the Simiply Color series. It was written by 25 professionals plus myself and covers all these ways to use color. Dr. Quaranto describes it as a “combination of self developement, feng shui,” and “tons of ideas.” The book is a great gift item, as well as a wonderful book for your own library and reference http://www.lifepotentials.net/media/books Happy Spring. May we all come out of this united and free. Until next month…..
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Messages From Heaven #8

Messages From Heaven #8

Greetings to all. We are glad you are here to check in. There is so much going on at all levels and yet most people are unaware. You, however, have awareness in you because you are here. You sense the changes afoot. I wish you could see things from where we sit for you would be at the edge of your seats. The outcome will depend on everyone playing their part so get ready, be your self, use your God given talents and we can all emerge from this carrying more light and FEELING much lighter in spirit. The truth is that as we move through these strange times, we will all be raising our vibrations. To ascend to the fifth dimension, it will be necessary to do so.

Let us ask you how you are? We want to take a minute to acknowledge how hard you all are working and how challenging these times are. It is hard to keep upright when the energies are going this way and that. It is not unlike trying to stay upright on the deck of a ship in a storm, or in the middle of an intense earthquake. There was no school of preparation for this, only the unfoldment of your intuition and your ability to negotiate the signs you were given. We would say you are doing so very well. It is not easy.

Where are you in all this strangeness and unfamiliar territory? Your channel is sleeping more during the day to keep her focused. This actually helps for it is during a quick nap or meditation that your body can catch up to the energies. Often a night’s sleep is not enough especially for those who are undergoing major energy challenges.

You may be finding physical changes and challenges are going on. Many of you are dealing with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, pain and discomfort in the body, lack of energy or too much energy, changes in the focusing ability of your eyes, thirst, twitching of extremities, confusion in the brain, lack of focus, headaches, nausea, lack of focus or motivation in your days or its opposite: extreme activity and laser focus, and more. This is due to the body moving into less dense energies and your physical self is having to move through so many shifts causing physical symptoms. The more challenging health issues are from accumulated changes that were not able to take place either from your own resistance , fear, disbelief, or from blockages caused by emotional sources. Do not see this as a fault of yours, we only are attempting to tell you why disease developed for you are the ones who are suffering so deeply. We want to assure you that all is in Divine order and that any dis-ease your body is enduring is taking you to places you need to go, either in your physical being or your emotional being. Either way, the spiritual side of you is always involved.

There is no doubt that the journey you are on is spiritual in nature. Because you are in physical form, though, your body is also affected which adds a layer or two of difficulty, does it not!

To make things easier for you, take quiet time each day. Walk in nature as much as possible. Do a gratitude practice or a meditation practice or a yoga, chi gong, tai chi practice….something along those lines will bode well for you. Drink alkalinized water. Limit your sugars and carbohydrates though we suggest a little dark chocolate is not without its good side effects! Sleep when you can. Eat organically as much as possible. And source your meats if you eat it from local providers who are ethical in their practices.

We hope you take good care of yourselves during this time period. It is important to breathe deeply and consciously a few times a day with intention. A simple way is to intake the breath to the count of 4, hold for 2, exhale for 6-8 counts. Do this at least twice a day for as long as you can. If you do this along with meditation, both practices will be enhanced.

We hope these tips help during this time of such deep, active and quick change. Soon we will address what else is happening but know that the Light is doing its part in creating a new world for you and your families.

God’s blessings to each one of you.

Messages From Heaven #8

Messages from Heaven #7

Messages from Heaven #7

We greet you today with energy coming from the full flower moon which has helped lift much of the heaviest energy from the earth. We want to encourage you to keep up your work in bringing more and more light to the planet as she and you ascend. This is much like a birthing process which as many of you have experienced brings in many emotions, many physical feelings and changes, much questioning, and much pain. Many of you are experiencing physical pain that is acute, even those of you who are finding this a new experience. Many are questioning themselves and their perception of reality. Many are experiencing physical manifestations in their bodies that have them shaking their heads wondering what is going on and why. Many are experiencing wild mood swings from elation and joy to despair and back again. And so this process goes. It is a wild ride but one you will never forget and one that has the potential to change reality forever. Hang on!

We are here to assist you but in the end it is you who must do the work. You must be the ones to ring the alarm bells and spread the truth. You are the ones who must help lead the sleeping ones into the light. Do not be afraid to take chances in this endeavor. Do not be afraid of the Truth… ever. Others may reject it out of hand but you are planting seeds and who knows when they will actually take root and grow?

The number of sleeping ones is diminishing as time goes by as the hundredth monkey theory plays out and those who were sleeping are waking up. We are getting to that tipping point. Soon there will be news that will stun you all, unless you are truly one of the awakened souls who understands what is under the illusion of what you call reality. You will be able to see the bread crumbs of clues left for you in places along the way that you have chosen to follow or not. But they are there. The deniers among you will soon begin to question your view of reality and you will soon see that your vision has been hindered by clouded minds and glasses. You have not been able to see Truth. This is partly because of wanting to stay cocooned in a safe world when this battle has been raging all around you. Who could blame you for that choice! No one. But you can now take off the clouded glasses and get back your 20/20 vision. For Truth is becoming harder and harder to deny.

Those who are soon to awaken will need your guidance and compassion. It is hard to wake up suddenly and sharply as those who are left to awaken will. And remember there will still be those who will refuse to awaken. It is their choice. They can ascend with the earth and you, or they can stay stuck in 3D forever. You each have your own journey and it must be a choice. All you can do is to try to guide others forward, but if they choose not to follow, you must leave them behind. Their souls will make the choice that makes sense to them. Let them go. Release them from YOUR expectations and desires and keep moving toward the new reality, the new earth.

It is not a time to take a breather so keep going. We are here to encourage and guide but again, it is you who must do the work. In this way you empower yourselves and the victory is then clearly yours. You will incorporate the new energies into your vibrational being and they can then never be taken away from you. You are so close to winning but do not give up yet. It is not time for rest. It is time to double down and keep bringing in more and more light, more and more Truth. This particular place in time is critical. The more Light pouring into the world causes the Darkness to double down. You must keep going and double down as well.

We love you. We support you. We continue to fight with you against the forces of evil. If you are to be successful, you must pour your heart and soul into this battle and not be afraid to speak up. Listen to your hearts. Listen to your guides. Listen to what the Light has to say. It will always tell you what is needed, and what your part is in this unfoldment of new energy.

We send blessings and gratitude to each of you. If you are one who is doubting what this is all about, we encourage you to dig for information. If you deny what is in these transmissions, it is your right to do so. But in the end we do not want to hear your excuses or your whining. If you are on board with supporting the enfoldment of new energy and goodness in the world, keep going. We are so proud of you and your courage and creativity.

Until next time, we leave you with these words: Be free. Be the Light. Be Love. Feel Joy. Feel free. Feel God.

Messages From Heaven #8

Messages From Heaven #6

Messages from Heaven #6

Our message today with be short but we want to start with thanking you for sending the energy necessary to have pushed us over the mountain so to speak. The uphill battle has been fierce and difficult, hindered by the preponderance of mistruths, confusion, poor communication, secrecy, dishonesty, and illusion. But we bring you good news today: we are winning. The Light is forging ahead quickly now and we cannot linger here with you for very long for we have much to do. We just wanted to pop in and give you all an update along with our commitment to all of you that we will continue fighting on your behalf. It is all coming together. Keep up your prayers and the sending of energy as it helps so much, both for our own energy and for knowing we are not alone. We are here for you. We are here for your planet. You are loved and worth fighting for.

We send blessings and gratitude to each of you who is fighting for the Light alongside us. We will be with you again soon with further updates and more details. Blessings and love. The Great White Brotherhood and Masters of the Light.

Messages From Heaven #5

Messages from Heaven #5

We greet you today with a request. The battle of the Light vs. Dark, Good vs. Evil, is ongoing and has hit a snag. The Light has come upon a particularly challenging block and is asking for help from you to raise the vibration around the world to dissolve this blockage. The Light is in need of your support today and this is a fairly urgent message. If it feels right to you, please send the Light your love and support in whatever way feels best to you. It can be in the form of music, prayer, intention, thought, visualization…whatever feels best to you. It can also be waves of love from your heart, which is perhaps the easiest way. It is up to you how to respond. We thank you in advance for your response. And we assure you that if this does not feel right to you, there is no requirement nor will there be punishment for not responding. I believe you call this sort of thing a “free will offering”.

We send you blessings and will be with you again soon with another message. Right now there is urgent work to be done. Be well and full of joy.

Messages from Heaven #4

We have heard many of you asking what will happen when the “shelter in place orders” are rescinded. Dear Ones, expect many changes. Since free will is in play, we cannot make predictions, but we can tell you that so many shifts are already happening that there is no way you will go “back to normal”. “Normal” has shifted and you will not be able to recapture it. It is like trying to re-live last Christmas over again. It will never be quite the same no matter how hard you try.

Let us lift your spirits, though, by telling you that the possibility exists for more abundance, more joy, more space in your life for important people, things and places to exist. Oh we tell you that the future looks so bright from our perspective. There will be more room for Truth, and for Light, for Being and for Living, for Seeing and for Loving, for Breathing and for Miracles!

The possibilities at this point are endless! It is imperative that you leave the lower vibratory emotions behind. Things like fear, shame, anger, hate, in order to make room for this new Reality that is trying so hard to birth itself. Open up to feelings that may be new to you: Trust, Joy, Sharing, Kindness, Compassion, and Belief. Open to a new Reality. Open to new possibilities. Open Open Open.

What you are leaving behind is the polarity and density of the third dimension. You are shifting into a new reality. We see you reaching out for it, and moving upwards towards it. It will not always be an easy transition but just like learning to walk was for you as a small child, you can do it no matter how awkward those first movements are. Yes, you may fall down. Get up. Yes, you may not always enjoy it. Get up. Yes, it will be challenging. Get up. And never give up. You can do this and it will be so worth it.

Keep the goal in mind: a new world, a new way of being. One in which you will prosper and breathe more deeply and love more perfectly. The riches of a new life are in sight. Don’t give up. Open. Get up. Focus on the goal.

That is all for now. We are with you always.

Namaste x


Messages From Heaven #2

Today I asked the guides if they had any messages and asked this question specifically:

So many people are being hurt by this quarantine and virus. Do you have any message today for them specifically and for us in general?

Ah, we see many of you are in emotional pain and living in trepidation about what is to come. And What IS To Come? That is the unknown with which you all will be familiar before this is over. The full unfoldment of these events may take a while. Timing depends on many factors. 

We are going to ask you to focus on the process rather than the timing. We know that is a huge ask. However, you will be better served to focus this way. The process is like a journey which is leading you to more freedom, more light, more expansion, more joy. If you could see this situation from our perspective you would be raring to go, excited at the journey.

For those of you who are facing great setbacks such as not being able to earn money, or go to school, and being confined, we assure you that this is temporary. We understand how this is leading people to fear, anxiety, anger, frustration.

To help with this, we ask you to do deep breathing with the color of green to combat and allay these feelings. Breathe in to the count of 4, hold your breath with the color green as it is absorbed, then exhale to the count of 4. 4 is the number of the heart chakra and its color (green) will help mitigate the effects of those lower emotions.

And again, we ask you to trust. We are doing all in our power to keep you safe. If you feel you are falling through the safety nets put in place, speak out. There is always someone who will come to your aid. But you must first take steps to care for yourself. If you cannot, make your need known.

There is a crescendo building up right now for this situation to play itself out. We cannot give you a time line even if we wanted to, but we cannot for one very big reason: free will.

So much of how this will unfold is up to individuals. The Oneness of the Universe has put certain people in place to carry out this delicate process and so far most are staying in alignment with The Oneness. And there are scores of others, nameless ones, who channel, who use their talents, who hold the space, who help others, who simply pray, and who help in many ways to move this along.

Give thanks for all those nameless ones as well as the ones whose names you hear, for all are part of the same movement. Everyone has his or her part to play in this. If you but listen to your inner voice, you will hear what YOUR part is. Even if it seems but a small contribution, EVERY part is needed.

Think of each person as a piece of a bowl. Each piece needs to be in place or water will leak out. The bowl is needed to be whole so that the energy within it is safely contained in order to put everything into place. This is a new creation, a new bowl, and it is meant to hold sacred humanity in a new embracing and supportive manner.

So listen to your inner voice and follow its guidance. Play your part. Release fear and tension. Focus on playing your part and that will help you release that fear. Practice breathing with the color green. Trust.

And may we suggest finally, smile. Be kind. Do “small acts of kindness”. We cannot emphasize enough how good this will help you feel. Get outside of your self and be part of the community. Release judgement. Accept others. Channel the Light through your bodies and spiritual bodies. This is such an amazing opportunity to shift the consciousness of the planet, and everyone upon the planet. Rejoice! Be joy! Ascend!

These messages are not meant to supercede your own guidance or values. Take what you wish from them and what resonates for you. They are offered from my heart to yours.

Messages from Heaven #1

Greetings and salutations to all. We know we are speaking to you at a time when your minds are reeling with changes and shattered with fear. We hope you will take 3 deep breaths before proceeding to read this and will open your minds and hearts to its contents. 

First, we ask you to Breathe. Deeply and slowly. It is important to do this throughout the day as you find yourself sliding into questions and fears and unknowns. Right now there are things going on that you need not know about. You will soon enough, but while things are unfolding for you, you are being asked to rest and reflect. We ask you to do so with a calm mind and relaxed body.

Second, we ask you to Trust. The Oneness of the Universe is in control. Don’t ever doubt it. There have been things put in place for decades for this moment to come forward as a way to propel the earth and its inhabitants into another dimensional level and another way of being. We ask you to trust that your highest good is being considered. 

Third, we ask you to Believe. To believe that good will dominate evil, that the light is returning to humanity and to the planet, that the “final battle” is being fought. The Oneness of the Universe, whom we will refer to as God in our messages, has chosen just the right people to lead you.

You have doubted them, made fun of them, degraded them, reviled them, but just like the Lord, Jesus, the ones chosen have been chosen not for their perfection but for their dedication to Truth. None are the Master that Jesus was, none are as perfect as He was, but all are dedicated to bringing Peace and Truth and Light back into your world.

In spite of this, many of you will still doubt, still deride, still complain, still revile. It is the way of duality. This world of duality is being replaced, though, by a New World, and if you choose to stay in duality, you will find yourself out of sync with the New. It is all according to free will ….

You may choose your own reality, stay in the old, or move into the new. It is all your choice. If you find yourself in your same reality a year from now, you will know you have been left behind. It is all okay. You must decide for your self which direction you will go and in which dimension you will live.

For now, while things are being quickly brought around to a new way of being, please allow yourself the peace of the moment. It is a great opportunity to reflect, to pray, to reexamine your own beliefs. Open your minds and hearts to new thoughts that might creep in. Open to Miracle. Open to Love. Open to Change. Open to something other than your concrete thoughts. Open. Open. Open. And Trust. And Love.

I will occasionally be sending out brief transmissions as they are given to me. This has been the first message.