Holiday Channeling 2017 from The Great White Brotherhood


Holiday Blessings to everyone! Again we have a message from the Great White Brotherhood, in particular, Melchezidek. Enjoy the message and may each day bring you clarity, vision, expansion, strength and a renewal of spirit. Blessings to all……


Greetings to one and all on this glorious day! You are about to welcome in a brand new year with all its promise. On the cusp of this new year we want to let you know that many beings of Light are in your midst, in human form, in etheric form, in other dimensional forms.

They are here because the world is transforming itself, rebirthing itself, into another dimension. Many of you will rejoice in this, others will not, wishing to hang on to the familiar. If you fall into that latter category, do not despair. Change is never easy even for those who welcome it. You will adapt to it over time if you take the trouble to try. If you don’t, your life will be challenging in the way it would be if you moved to a completely different cultural reality and you refused to adhere to that old saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Remember that other old saying, “What you resist, persists.”

There are a few hints we would like to share with you in order to assist you with the changes ahead.

1. Breathe. Your breath is a tool you have with you 24/7. Use it to adjust. When you feel overwhelmed, close your eyes, breathe deeply, re-enter your body and ground yourself. Keep breathing. You will find that in a few moments the anxiety will lessen and you will be able to then listen to your inner guidance to see what to do.

2. Listen. Listen to the guidance being given to you at any given moment when you are confused about what to do. There is so much help out there just waiting to be asked to assist you.

3. Rest. Your bodies, minds and spirits will be stretched beyond normal in the coming months. Take time out to renew yourself. That may be a nap, a healthy meal, a moment for meditation or prayer. If you are working, plan on taking a tea break, resting when you do take a break, especially your mind.

4. Eat consciously. That means different things to different people so eat in a way that supports your body, your metabolism, your belief system. This is not a time to drink heavily, or to indulge in foods that do not serve you. We are not saying to abstain, but choose wisely and do no overindulge in anything at this time. You must be at your best.

5. Love. Love your self. Love those around you. Love those who think differently than you do. Love the world. Love all sentient beings. Love your ancestors. Love your descendants, Love the beings in other dimensions who are here to assist you, Love Nature, Love the Divine Source. LOVE.

6. Listen. Did we say this already? Well we say it yet again. Do not assume you have all the answers. Things are changing quickly and you must change quickly. That also means your ways of thinking must be agile and ready to change. LISTEN.

7. Surrender
8. Receive
9. Trust

These last three go together as a trinity. Do not try to hold on to things past. This is hard, we realize. It is like being on a trapeze for the first time, letting go when you are high in the air with no net, and trusting that there are hands that will reach out and catch you before you fall. Nearly impossible. But POSSIBLE. TRUST.

Give in to what is. Surrender your idea of what is right and what is reality. And then receive what is becoming. We promise you that what is coming is so much better than what you are living today. Which is why things must change. Surrender, receive and trust in the process.

We send you blessings from beyond and send you love. Because you have chosen to be alive at this moment in time, we can help you create the New Earth that has been promised to you. We honor and respect you and your hard work.

May you always be blessed.
So be it and so it is.

October 2017 Channeled Message

The message is sent via Melchezidek and contains wisdom and energies from many of the Great White Brotherhood including Jesus the Christ.

Nature’s heart

“We can hear your cries of despair from all over your planet. It is a cacophony of loss, sadness, fear, abandonment, betrayal, anger and all sorts of what we would call negative emotions. Please remember that when we say that, we also acknowledge that without the negative, we could have no positive so there is a definite role for them. This is a subject for a different time for today we wish to speak to you of love.

Oh we hear several of you tsk-tsking and wondering what saccharine sweet message this is. Believe me, this will not be that sort of message.

We are here to ask you to love. Love yourselves. Love one another. Love each sentient being on earth whether an ant or a human. Love love love. You MUST return to love or all will be lost.

How do you love when there is so much danger and tragedy? How do you shift from fear or hatred to love? Through Grace. You shift through grace. We are asking you to open your hearts to Grace and let it shift you. Close your eyes, call in your angels, your guides, your teachers, the Great I AM, whomever in the higher realms you put your trust in. (Note: For any of you who play with the Devil, Satan was cast out of the higher realms and does not qualify)

We think this message is beyond many of you at this moment in time but that is because those of you who are ready, need to hear this now. We are at a breaking point where the earth can shift to higher vibrations, or sink to lower ones. When you join us in lifting it up, you will be lifted up. If you cannot or will not, you will be left in the abyss of fear and hate.

Heed us well. Open your hearts and let Grace pour in. That is all for now but we will continue to send messages. Thank you.”




What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Guest Post by

Designer and Author, Sherry Burton Ways, ASID Associate

Introducing Sherry Burton Ways! Sherry is the author of a brand-new book: Landing on Your Feet and Putting Down Roots: 21 Rituals to Transform Your Life and Interior Space. I am proud to say that Sherry also contributed to my book, Simply Color for Everyday Living.  From July 14-28 Sherry will visit 9 Virtual stops on her virtual book tour. You are invited to follow the tour, visit a new blog each day, meet some wonderful new friends, and experience something new. Visit Sherry’s website to sign up to win a prize.

Welcome Sherry!

Have you ever asked yourself exactly what your preferred color says about you or how incorporate it into your interior décor?

To be candid, it is not at all an easy task learning how color works for your interior because it requires many years of experience to fully understand just how colors impact a space. Nonetheless, here are some understanding of your favorite color, what it says about you, and tips for using it in your space.

If you love red like some people do, you love to live life to the fullest with excitement and spontaneity. But what does a red interior speak to others? Red, associated with fire and blood, raises your blood pressure levels and is an ultimate attention grabber! However, if you don’t desire to go totally red, try utilizing it as an accent color to make your space a tad bit more vibrant.

Blue, nonetheless, portrays stability, harmony, calmness and reliability. Blue is the favorite of most of men. An amazing color for rooms, blue makes it possible to unwind, especially soothing blue-greens, and enthusiasts of this color tend responsible residents that do the thing that is right.

Yellow, like a ray of sunlight, adds heat and implies optimism. This makes it perfect for or a bright living space or a kitchen. Huge fans of this color are often upbeat people who have a happy misdemeanor.

Green, the color of nature exudes warmth and calmness. It’s a great color for bedrooms or rooms in which you need a calmer feeling. Lovers of the shade are usually kind, warm and altruistic.

Purple, the preferred shade among youngsters denotes imagination, intangible, and quite often moodiness. Fans with this color tend to be more complex artistic and interesting people who occasionally may seem mystical or dark.

Orange, the color of hunger and vibrancy suits perfectly into that kitchen or dining where you need some life or a dramatic entry. And if you’re a lover of the color orange, you almost certainly show equivalent vibrant nature as the shade with your passionate zest for life.

But what does beige say about you? Beige tells that you are timeless, fundamental, conventional, and easy. Taupe leans toward traits of really balanced, classic, and fair, but brown, usually denotes down to earth with no nonsense.

However, you tend to be intellectual, practical, wise, calm, and conservative if you love grays.

Lovers of white lean toward cleanliness, purity, and neatness.

What about black? The elimination of color leans towards good classic style, but can also mean that you love power, confidence or just becoming conservative.

Interested in using your favorite color as a ritual for manifesting change in your life and environment? Check out my brand new book Landing on Your Feet and Putting Down Roots: 21 Rituals to Transform Your Life and Interior Space on sale now!

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Freedom is Not Free


Here in America, July is the month we celebrate the birth of our country, our freedom and our republic. But as that wise saying goes, “Freedom is not free.” There is a cost to everything in life, and freedom is no exception.


What happens when your freedom to express your opinion conflicts with a dear friend or family member’s freedom to express theirs? Do you listen to each other, giving each other respect and room to be who they are, or do you condemn them, shut them out, tell them they are wrong?


Right now in our country we have such a divisive attitude occurring. Regardless of your viewpoint, it seems to me that most people are troubled by this divide. The positive thing is that we do live in a country and era in which we can technically express our beliefs. However, practically speaking, it is becoming increasingly difficult for not only our politicians to disagree, but the public, families and friends as well.


The hard thing is that I’ve heard of friends or family who have allowed their beliefs to divide and separate them. Last night I heard about a daughter and her Mother who no longer speak because the Mom is a liberal and the daughter is not. Really?


Is this really enough to split up families? I know people can say and do things they later regret in the heat of the moment, but to allow these things to break up long-standing and deep relationships is tragic.


Before this happens to you, or if it has happened to you, do all you can to prevent this or repair it. Life is so darn short, and we don’t need to spend it justifying our position on something or putting political beliefs before our bond with another.


Here are a few quotes I found that I believe will help. Meanwhile, celebrate your independence and your right to believe and express yourselves (hopefully with tact and courtesy!), and remember that freedom does not mean you can say and do anything you want, but that wisdom and intuition should be employed to guide you on when you make a stand and when you don’t. The “Golden Rule” applies here when you have respect for others and their beliefs just as you expect and demand respect from others.


Our church has a great motto: “There is more that binds us together than separates us.” And that is the truth of it and what we can focus on when we are with our loved ones and disagree on issues: there is more to bind us together in relationship than separates us.



“​​​​​My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.”

Jack Layton

​Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.”

​​​​​​​Roy T. Bennett