What Feng Shui Is and Isn’t

NO ONE WILL DISPUTE THE FACT that there are hundreds of books out on the market that address the subject of feng shui. The unfortunate thing is, though, that each book seems to haveits own take on how to practice feng shui. Because of thisoften contradictory wisdom, there is a great deal of confusionout there. People are afraid to do anything due to these contradictory ways of practicing feng shui.

But since feng shui is such a powerful way to enhance our lives, I would like to offer a few bullet points to help clarify things.


 A powerful, simple way to enhance your life
Inclusive of many facets including clutter management, space clearing, intention setting for a goal
Thoughtful consideration of what you want in your life
Conscious focus blending intentions, goal, and management of your environment
 Aligning and attuning your outer life with your inner life.


 Superstition or mumbo jumbo
 Much ado about nothing
 Hard to pronounce and even harder to do
 Moving your furniture
 A cure all

Feng shui is above all things a powerful way to create theenvironment that will best support you.

As a practitioner I always consider the person or persons inhabiting the space first, and the space itself second. Many people are looking for someone to come in and tell them to hang a crystal here, a mirror there, and to move the couch. Those are just a few of the ways we can practice feng shui, but to do those without any thought of who is living in a space is a less focused, less effective way of using feng shui.

In addition, change doesn’t usually occur overnight nor will it help much if you don’t also do your own personal work along with the exterior changes. All the feng shui cures in the world will not change your life effectively and permanently if you do not take action as well. Things become so much more powerful andeffective when you work with your emotional interior and well as your environmental exterior.

Like all truths, feng shui is simple. But it takes time tomaster it, to study it in its complexities and layers in order to take it to that simple place. It is like the study of any field: you must study and learn, study and learn, study and learn, and thenlearn to apply what you have learned. As you do this process, you will be led to the kernels of truth and thus simplicity.

When you don’t have the time or interest to do this yourself, this is when a practitioner comes in handy. Just as I don’t have the talent or interest in becoming an accountant, you may not want to become a feng shui master. Isn’t it great that we all have our own skills and gifts so that we can master the fields we are good at and then share our skills, talents and wisdom with others!


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