Stars and Backdrops

HERE IN NORTHERN MICHIGAN it is spring, but if any of you know anything about northern Michigan you would know thatMarch is anything but spring-like! There is not a leaf left on any tree or piece of scrub brush. Because of that, driving through the woodlands you can see through what is obliterated from view in late spring, summer, fall and most of winter.

Yesterday I was driving down the road through a very wooded area and was struck by how many trees were standing outthat I had never noticed before. Trees way back in the woods that for most of the year are obscured from view; trees that are beautiful in their color, shape and gracefulness; trees that are interesting in their unusual forms or shapes. They stood out proud and glorious in the sunlight and it was as if each one had the spotlight on it. Each one was preening in the glory of being noticed and in the strong rays of the sunlight.

The scene took me aback and I was mesmerized by the light playing off the trees. It was as if a symphony of light and beauty surrounded me. While looking at them it seemed as if they were a metaphor for humans. For example, there are the towering white pines and the cedar and the other evergreens, which seem to take center stage with their height, ever present color and conical shapes.

But there before me in all their glory were the hundreds of trees that provide the backdrop on which the others shine but this day they were shining. Their shape, color and beauty were being illuminated and showcased. It suddenly came to me that aren’t we just the same? Aren’t there those among us who are center stage: entertainers, politicians, athletes, etc. And aren’t there those among us who are the backdrop on which they shine? Both work together and work best together. Although one can exist without the other it is a much richer, more glorious experience to see them together!

And what about that backdrop? Yesterday in the sunlight they absolutely glowed. They were basking in the light, getting their moment in the sun. They were the stars. And so it is with us.We who are the backdrop to the ”rich and famous” areneeded as much as they are. Without us, they would just be who they are but without a contrast, a backdrop if you will, there would be nothing special about them.

The backdrop then becomes very important. And when the moment comes for them to shine, boy do they shine. Andy Warhol said we would all experience our 15 minutes of fame. I say who wants it! I am perfectly content to stay back here and let others shine, knowing that my job is just as important as theirs.Without me and others like me, they would cease to exist in their importance and glory. And without them, my job of providing the grounding, the solidity of that backdrop, the steady backing of their existence, would become just a backdrop.

Have you ever watched a stage show come together? First they create the backdrop, then comes the scenery, then the actors. But the base, the grounding if you will, is the backdrop.Without it, the rest get lost, as they have nothing to tie them together. Where would the sun be without the blue sky? Where would the stars be without their velvety black night sky backdrop?

We need each other, just like those trees need each other. Each has their moment in the sun. Some have the attention on them more often, but the light shines on each equally. And boy, that light sure can bring out the best in us!

Let that light shine on each of us. We are all important. And we are all in this together.


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