Rosario Dawson

ROSARIO DAWSON IS WEARING a gorgeous silver dress in this photo. It certainly is a good choice from the standpoint of her coloring. She absolutely glows in silver!

Silver, like gold, is a precious metal. In clothing, it expresses the subtle message that the person who is wearing it values themselves at a very deep level. Often when a woman valueswho she IS rather than what she LOOKS LIKE, her dresses become more modest in style while still being alluring. This seems to be the case here. It’s as if she knows she is worthy of attention just by sheer virtue of her uniqueness and talent so she doesn’t feel the need to draw attention to her body alone. It is her vibrancy in silver that attracts us and the color, then, adds value to her image.

Ms. Dawson looks positively gorgeous in this photo. She looksself-assured but in a deeply calm way. She is not splashyeither with the color or the style, and yet heads would turn her way with the simple elegance of her style and color choice.

All that glitters is not gold, some wise person once said. And that is the case here. Ms. Dawson is not donned in gold nor do I see her wearing gold jewelry, but she does absolutely sparkle andshine in her silver gown. All that glitters, here, is herpersonality and the light that shines from within. Rosario has made herself a treasure in silver! Shine on, Ms. Dawson!


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