THIS ARTICLE IS A DEPARTURE from my usual ones as I and millions of others have been increasingly concerned about and seeking world peace. It is becoming more and more apparent that despite the efforts of many masters, teachers, andpeace-loving individuals,we are faced today with the very real threat of potential disaster regarding the existence of life on this planet and even the existence of the planet itself.

Many of you, like me, have led lives with the good of the whole in mind. We have sought to live together in peacewithin our own families and communities hoping that others would follow our example and efforts, expanding exponentiallythroughout the world. It appears that although these intentions are noble, they are not enough.

I have just finished reading Peace Is the Way by Deepak Chopra. Although I found him over his head in some areas, his basic message is based on a quote by A.J. Muste: “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.”

Many of us have already adhered to Mahatma Gandhi’s wisdom of “become the change we want to see in the world.” His grandson, Arun Gandhi, says, “Peace starts with the self and then the whole world joins in.”

Dr. Chopra takes this a bit further in urging us to join intogroups for peace and provides us with a seven-day guide for living our lives to promote the consciousness for peace. His premise is based on the hundredth monkey theory: that place which is reached when enough of us have the consciousness of an idea that it becomes available to all: the “tipping point” of Malcolm Gladwell’s work.

There is no doubt that we are all connected. Because this is so, when person A does something to person B, (or group A to group B), person A is actually doing the act to him/herself; i.e. we are all one. When a terrorist blows up a bomb to promote his beliefs, he is, in essence, blowing up those beliefs along with himself and all those who believe as he does. When the other side retaliates, they do the same to themselves. It is a rut from which we as humans have never been able to extricate ourselves.

Peace Is the Way offers a way out in the form of raising our consciousness individually and in groups so that the consciousness can spread worldwide and provide the tipping point of world consciousness. This may sound like a pie in the sky approach, but in reality it is a powerful way to make some real progress toward peace.

One of his points is that being anti-war is not the way. By being anti anything we bring in the energy of negativity and the danger of retaliation. Rather just be peace.

Briefly, he says that there are seven practices for peace:


His book expands on this and you can help by sharing your consciousness about peace with others. He encourages“peace cells,” groups of 10 people to further the cause of peace. These cells can then become part of a global community of peace cells and he has set up a special website for this purpose:

I encourage each one of you to consider being a part of the change we wish to see in the world. The possibility of world peace is upon us and could be within our reach. We need only say yes.


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