Minnie Driver

HERE WE SEE MINNIE IN A FLAMBOYANT red dress that is very attention getting! The shoulder baring, deeply plunging neckline is drawing attention to her buff body as well as the bright orange-red of the dress.

As an aside, did you know that yellow-based colors appeal more to men and blue-based to women? This dress is definitely a yellow-based red which is said to be the color men are most attracted to. I doubt that Ms. Driver is trying to hide while wearing THIS dress! She looks great and VERY comfortable in it, knowing full well she looks terrific in it!

She is in a new TV show called “The Riches” in which she plays a flim-flam artist who is impersonating a rich matriarch. This explosive, attention-getting dress plays up the theme of the new show. Red is attention-getting,orange-red particularly so to men, so we see how she already has a leg up, so to speak, in getting her way! It’s as if in her dress she is taking attention away from what she is doing or saying to what she looks like…certainly a great m.o. for a flim-flam artist!

In addition, the style of the dress combined with the color is one that says “I really don’t care a hoot what you think. I can get away with anything, thank you very much.” This choice of dress/color/style is just perfect for her new role. Itunderscores her confidence, her appeal, and highlights her in a crowd.

Keep your eyes on Ms. Driver. In this dress she IS success!


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