Kerry Washington

MAYBE IT’S THE TIME OF YEAR, but I just LOVE this yellow gown on Ms. Washington. As I write this article, the snow has just finished melting to reveal mud, brown grass and a dearth of color! So this bright yellow gown is just the perfect antidote for that malaise!

To address yellow as a color choice, I always think of yellow as being the color of the sun: bright, happy, joyous yellow. But, like the sun, yellow loves being the center of attention and is, in fact, the color we associate with the ego. There isnothing wrong with ego, of course, unless it is out of balance. I don’t really sense that situation with Ms. Washington and she does have, in this gown, a very wide border of black outlined flowers and vines that tends to ground the ego intostability and balance.

However, in nature when yellow and black are combined, it spells caution or danger. Think of the bumblebees andpoisonous snakes in their black and yellow stripes, and our adoption of the color combination for caution signs, school bus colors, and the yellow lines on black asphalt roads that crisscross the country. So when the two colors are combined together the message is “Watch out!” Is she saying “beware, I am a force to be reckoned with”? Is she saying, “you can look but not touch,” or is she saying, “I know what I want (ego) and I’ll do what I need to in order to get it!”

In feng shui, the color yellow is associated with the earth element. Black and the wavy design of the border print represent the water element. When you combine earth with water you get mud and when things get muddy, they are not as clear as they could be. Pure yellow is focus and intent but when things get muddy, that clarity gets lost.

In her new movie, “I Think I Love My Wife” she plays a temptress, so perhaps she is dressing the part here. Certainly the color combination would support this role. She is perhaps saying: “I am cool, I know I am. I can also be trouble, sowatch out!”


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