It is easy to be green!

ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND PRODUCTS are becoming easierand more affordable to obtain. I recently found the following products and websites and thought you might like to window shop. Have fun!
This is a great gadget for boiling water for anything from one cup of tea to a whole jug full! Its name to fame is that it boils only the amount you need so that you can have energy savings of up to 30 percent by merely pushing a button that allows you to select the exact amount of water you need. The water is released into a separate chamber and then heated. Voila!
This is a really great idea, especially for city residences. These roofs take formerly dead space of roofs and create “sky gardens.” Aside from providing beautiful spaces in which to gather, reduce stress or grow food, these roofs are able to reduce run-off from heavy rains and provide insulation to reduce heat and air conditioning costs. All the extra green matter can also help improve air quality in cities.
This little gizmo was created to work with a standard air conditioning unit. Inside the Ice Energy Ice Bear is water that is frozen overnight when temperatures and energy costs are lower. During the day, the ice cools the refrigerant in the AC unit, resulting in a savings of 30 percent. Don’t you just love being the “cool guy”!
Here is an electric car, named after the electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, that goes from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds, produces one-tenth the pollution of hybrid cars, one-third the amount of carbon dioxide and gets 135mpg. Wow! It is expected to be available in fall 2007, is backed by the founders of eBay, Google and PayPal and can travel up to 250 miles before recharging is needed. Move over Prius!
Their new landscape collection has translucent shades made of renewable natural fibers including natural flax, arrowroot and bamboo shoot skin. More than 80 weaves are available.
WhisperLite Advanced Ventilation Fans are super quiet and energy efficient. Their fan/light combo unit was designed for longer or continual run times. Also green is their choice of fluorescent lamps that at 13W are flicker free and produce warm color-corrected light.
Their Duet series are front-loading washers and dryers that pack a big bang for your environmental buck. The washer uses 68 percent less water and 67 percent less electricity on average and produces a savings of over 17,000 gallons of water and 600 K hours of electricity per household per year!
A great site to find scads of construction products, whether you are building a family home or a huge factory. Check it out!
This site shows products from several categories:
1. Products made with salvaged, recycled or agricultural
waste content
2. Products that conserve natural resources
3. Products that avoid toxic and other emissions
4. Products that save water or energy
5. Products that contribute to a safe healthy environment

There are literally hundreds of sites now to visit that tout environmentally friendly products, from paints, flooring and construction products to furniture, clothing, appliances and foods. These are just a sample. If you are contemplating building or remodeling, find a builder and designer who will work with these alternatives. They have come a long way in the last 10 years and are now competitively priced as well as stylish and attractive. Make your choices with the health of your family, your employees and the planet in mind!


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