Christina Aguilera

IN THIS PHOTO WE SEE CHRISTINA in an all white ensemble, a very tight form-fitting man’s suit and hat. It is, as you say, quite provocative in a few ways.

First of all, white is the color that brides wear in our cultureand represents a person who is untouched, virginal, pure. Of course we know that in this modern age it is more a color of tradition and less representative of the past history of the bride! Back in 1964 when my older sister got married, she fell in love with a gorgeous dress that had a blue ribbon threaded through the white eyelet sash. The dress, our mother exclaimed, is not appropriate, as any hint of color would indicate my sister would not, indeed, be an untouched, unsullied woman! Regretfully, the dress was hung back on the rack and another, certainly all white dress, was chosen.

So the tradition is that white represents purity. When someone who has had another reputation altogether wears it this publicly, and in this kind of cross-gender way, we wonderwhat is she trying to say? Perhaps Christina is saying she isreinventing herself and the white says that she is starting anew, writing on a blank slate, recreating herself as she goes. Or perhaps she is mocking the purity of white andclaiming it for “bad girls” the world over!

My guess here is that she is in the midst of creating a new image and while she is at it, white says little about her, revealing through the style of her outfit that she is examining her male side, which we all possess. We all have both male and female characteristics and she seems to be examining andexploring that side of her that might transform her “dirty girl” phase into something else.

She may be a lot like Madonna, who also has a strong male side, while still being a sexy woman. Christina is successful in show business and any successful woman in show business must have a strong male side if she is going to survive. As well, the creative feminine must be active to keep her image transitioning to keep people interested in her and, as with Madonna, wondering what is next!

So stay tuned and watch Christina closely! Like the butterfly, she may be about to break through her chrysalis stage into something brand new!


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