Overview of Offerings

One of my goals in working with clients and students is to help them transform their lives into one that truly supports their authentic self. I use many tools to that end:

  • Readings: Akashic Records and Ocean Oracle Sea Shell readings. These can be done via phone, Skype, and Sea Shells via email. All readings are 60-minute sessions.
  • Color: my knowledge of color comes from many different angles including interior design, art, feng shui, the chakra system, Aura Soma, esoteric color and light studies, energy work, and science. In working with people I can determine which color(s) can help with support and which with transitions and transformations. In addition I have an amazing line of color body mists (Simply Color Adult Set) and one specifically developed for children (Children’s color set) or adults working on childhood issues.
  • Love Sprays (custom blends): custom made just for you and your needs.
  • Simply Color Cards: these amazing cards are just what to use for your daily guidance from color. Pull a card each day to see which color to use for support. There is a thriving business that uses these each time they need guidance. Their mantra is “pull a card!” when guidance is being sought. They are fun to use as well as extremely accurate. A class is offered to learn how to read these for fun and profit too!
  • Feng Shui: Although I no longer practice just feng shui, I do incorporate my depth of knowledge in this field into my work. I am now doing “Loving Home and Office Consultations” which incorporates Interior Alignment, Feng Shui, Color, and other modalities. Where appropriate, we can talk about how to arrange your home or office, and what objects to release and which to bring in to create the ideal environment to support your goals and needs. There is also a complete line of feng shui mists incorporating the bagua, the elements, and yin and yang.
  • Classes: Please consult the classes tab to see what is being offered currently. Classes are created on an ongoing basis and are always created to enhance and support your life.
  • Books: There are now two books in the Simply Color book series: Simply Color, and Simply Color for Everyday Living. Both are chock full of ideas, photos, graphs, illustrations and information on how you can work with color in your daily lives to achieve support and transformation.

To learn more, watch my video about my offerings here: